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Read With Us: The How to Say Babylon Promo Post

Hello and welcome to my promotional post on the Spring 2024 Read With Us selection, How to Say Babylon by Safiya Sinclair.

It’s a beautifully written memoir (Sinclair is a poet, after all) and it tells the story of Sinclair’s upbringing in a strict Rastafarian household, her escape from the misogeny of her father’s rules, and her reclamation of her worth through writing. It can be difficult to read at times . . . it’s raw and real . . . but it’s ultimately inspiring and hopeful.

I didn’t know anything about a Rasta lifestyle prior to reading this book and Sinclair does a good job at presenting the religious and political concepts of this culture. It’s ultimately degrading to women despite it’s claim to embrace peace and positivity. Let’s just say it’s more than music and marijuana.

If any of this intrigues you, if spending time with Kym and Bonny and I in discussion about this book sounds appealing, if talking with other knitters about writing is something you’d enjoy . . . then I urge you to read this book and join us for our discussion on Tuesday, June 11th at 7pm!

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  1. Looking forward to our discussion! Certainly not a book I would have chosen on my own (which is just one of the reasons I love our reading group so much).

  2. “Raw and real” are really apt words when it comes to describing this book! I look forward to talking about it with everyone next month. (I just finished reading Knife, Salman Rushdie’s new memoir. His wife is a poet, and one of her best friends is Safiya Sinclair! It was so fun? interesting? to hear her name come up as just . . . a person in another memoir.)

  3. I finished reading it and am looking forward to the conversation! I learned so much from this book!

  4. Sometime ago, I got this book in the mail and couldn’t remember why I had ordered it! My daughter said no it wasn’t her that suggested it, but now I know why I got it. Thanks. At the moment I’m reading Carnegie’s Maid, but will get to How to Say Babylon some time soon. If only I could read one book with each eye!

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