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Summer Reading 2024

So. I’m basically reposting the same thing I said last year about Summer Reading. Because it’s clever and it’s good and nothing has really changed . . .

This weekend is the start of summer and that means it’s time to talk about summer reading. I don’t know about you, but a long, lazy afternoon spent reading is one of my favorite things about summer. Inside, with the windows open and a slight breeze. Outside, under the shade of a tree. By a lake, by a pool, at a beach house or a campground, there is something uniquely special and awesome about summer reading.

And you know what’s really special and awesome? Having no rules about it again this summer! That’s right, I’m here to invite you to join me in a summer of reading with no rules. Read whatever you want. Track it if you want. Or don’t track a dang thing. If you’re ready for a challenge, it might be fun to try a genre you don’t normally read. Or ask a friend to suggest a book they think you might like. Or reading something you’ve been meaning to read for ages but keep putting off. Truthfully though, there’s no need to challenge yourself in any particular way, because summer is the perfect time to read for your own enjoyment.

No prizes this year because I’m just not good with tracking the entries and sending them out. Besides, the best prize of all is the enjoyment of a fantastic book.

Summer reading. It starts now and goes through Labor Day. Enjoy every moment of it!

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  1. This certainly describes my summer reading, which is a lot like the reading I do the rest of the year!

  2. Summer reading reminds me of summer reading programs as a kid. So exciting to mark my progress for this little bookworm over achiever. My favorite reading spot was in a hammock under a willow tree we had. The tree offered cool shade and a sense of privacy so I could sink into whatever world I was reading about. Now, if Amazon would finally deliver my new release I ordered to be delivered last Tuesday. Happy reading, happy summer!

  3. Summer reading is the best reading ever! It has such great memories… and probably is what made me a reader! (All thanks to my local library!)

  4. I’m getting a head start on the Weekend by starting How to say Babylon tonight. I also plan to look through my books and find some that I want to make sure I read them this summer. There will only be a few as I plan to read what strikes my fancy this summer. I am planning on doing some reading outside and hope I actually get around to it this summer.

  5. Summer Reading is one of my favorite reading seasons because it’s one of my favorite seasons … porch reading, early morning reading, evening reading, poolside reading, … all good! This year, I’m hoping to read A Suitable Boy. all (almost) 1,500 pages! I started it Friday and I’m on page 53. So far, it’s delightful!

  6. Summer reading was The.Best.Thing.Ever when I was a teenager. Not enough time during the school year to read much for fun, and I made up for it every summer.

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