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Three On Thursday

Random thoughts I’m sharing this week . . .

I have been having super vivid dreams lately. One night I had a dream that there was a weird (and very large) snail type thing attached to the corner of our house. It was some sort of (don’t laugh) dinosaur egg but when we tried to investigate it, it disappeared. Last night I had a dream that I crashed my car while driving home late at night, in the snow, trying to avoid 2 dogs who ran out into the road.

As much as I love summer, I do not love the extreme heat and humidity that we are experiencing right now. I’m trying to enjoy our long days and spend time outside but it’s hard to do when the humidity makes you feel like a limp dishrag and saps any energy you might have to actually do something productive.

Fred & George have completely ignored the bed that they have in our living room for months. And I get it, they don’t need to snuggle by the wood stove in this weather. So the other day I stood it up against the wall in the corner and I put an ottoman in front of it. Well. You would have thought I lit the house on fire and stood there watching it burn given the way they reacted. They were slinking around it. They were smelling the whole area. They were giving me looks of utter horror that I dared do something so extreme. It was comical, I tell you.

And that’s all I have for you this Thursday!

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  1. Fred and George were obviously concerned you had adopted the dinosaur egg to replace them! I would not feel bad. I am convinced cats will sit and stare at a wall for hours to just freak us out. A little unsettling behavior by their human is fair.

  2. I hope F&G are adjusting to the terrible ottoman intruder (and that now you don’t dream about lighting the house on fire and watching it burn).

  3. I don’t remember dreaming often, but mine are vivid when I have them. I usually dream about celebrities, which is hilarious since I don’t have a celebrity admiring bone in my body. I have dreamed about having conversations with Barack Obama in the grocery store, Arnold Swartzenegger in my back yard with an eggbeater, and John Lennon while moving in next door to me because he wasn’t really dead, just hiding. My husband used to laugh about those dreams a lot. I think your dreams are not as much fun as mine, Carol – LOL.
    Yes, humidity is the worst weather. We have it all summer long here in the Midsouth. My hair is a cloud, and your sweat never evaporates, just runs. All my pets have had a moratorium against moving their beds or furniture. How dare you move things in my house!

  4. I hear you on the humidity — it’s just miserable! I can deal with feeling like a wet dishrag after a workout when I can take off my sweaty clothes and jump right into a shower right away, but it’s awful on the days I have to go into the office and get there all soggy. Blech!

    I have to say that I am very amused by how good cats are at giving the impression that they don’t care what their humans do — until you move or change something of theirs.

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