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Cool? Or Not Cool?

Hannah failed her school eye exam this past spring so yesterday I took her to the eye doctor for her first check up. After filling out the typical first visit paperwork we sat down to wait for her name to be called. Naturally, I pulled out my sock and commenced knitting.

It wasn’t more than a few moments before one of the technicians came over and said, “Hey, I like that sock you’re knitting!” I was shocked because no one ever recognizes that I’m knitting socks – most people see something small-ish and assume it’s a baby sweater. So I thanked her for the compliment and she said she was a knitter and she asked about the yarn and the magic loop method and it was cool.

Then the woman selling eye glass frames came over and asked to see the sock. And she asked about the yarn and the magic loop method and the pattern I was using and then she showed me her current sock in progress. I told her how to find the Charade pattern online and she told me how everyone in the doctor’s office knits together during lunch and, again, it was cool.

I have to admit, I was feeling a little smug at this point. Clearly I was surrounded by knitters and they were appreciating my sock. So I turned to Hannah and said, “See, knitting can be cool.”

And then her name was called and she got up and I got up to follow her into the exam room. And I was feeling very cool. Until I got to the exam room and I realized that I had dropped my sock in progress back in the waiting room. The ball of yarn, of course, was still in my purse, leaving a very long trail back down the hallway, past the reception desk, to the waiting room. Sigh. So much for being cool.

Speaking of cool – check out Hannah in her new glasses.




She’s almost as cool as her mom, eh?

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  1. Heh, almost as cool! I love glasses – I try on frames every time Michael gets a new pair so that I’ll be prepared when I need them.

  2. Hannah is beautiful, I love the frames she chose!
    It is so much fun to knit in public~you never know when you are so cool, that is until you drop your yarn! I’ve done it before myself!

  3. Haha, that’s so funny Carole. You were surrounded by knitters, I would have definitely felt like I was in the “right club”. Jus as I start to feel a little cocky, something always happens to bring back to reality.

    Hannah looks great in her new glasses. She’s such a beautiful young lady.

  4. Hannah looks so cool (and cute) in her new glasses. Sorry your cool moment left you with a fool moment. Whenever I have that feeling of being cool I know the fool moment is soon to follow.

  5. At least you were among knitters – if they hadn’t been knitters you’d have felt even COOLER I’m sure.

    Hannah totally has your smile.

  6. Ha-ha-ha-ha!! I’ve done that! I know the feeling.

    Hannah looks very cool in her new glasses. All three of my kids have worn glasses since 2nd or 3rd grade. We all love shopping for glasses. Personally, if I weren’t spending all of my money on fibery things, I would own about ten different pairs!

  7. Very cute glasses! And don’t feel bad (or uncool). All the cool people drop their projects and trail yarn around, I do it all the time!

  8. Dude, at least it wasn’t toilet paper stuck to your shoe.
    She looks very cute and very smart in those glasses. The kind of gal you’d see in the top sales position, or sitting at the CEO desk. Excellent.

  9. Looks like she got be the cool one this time mom! Don’t you just hate when that happens?! Hannah looks very smart in her new eyes!

  10. Hannah is indeed adorable, with glasses or without.

    Thank you for the much needed guffaw this morning. The image of your cool self with yarn trailing you conjures up for me the image of the time I walked from a restaurant’s restroom, through said restaurant, across the parking lot to the car where my parents were waiting, stifling laughter as they saw me coming (I was 14 then). Yes, it’s funny NOW, but you can imagine the humiliation at age 14.

    We all just wanna be cool. 😉

  11. Very cool glasses! My daughter has been wearing glasses since she was 7. She now has contact lenses, but I always love the look of glasses- especially the kind Hannah has. 🙂

  12. Beautiful child in cool glasses! My eldest has a similar pair though in green. Loved the sock story- at least it wasn’t toilet paper!

  13. What a beautiful daughter! I have those glasses. They don’t look that good on me though.

    Don’t worry Carole, she’ll come to the dark side soon. It’s only a matter of time. 😀

  14. You were just showing off the yarn weren’t you. My, my, my – what a beautiful young lady Hannah is! Surely she takes after her very cool mom!

  15. Ditto to PumpkinMama — I can see the resemblance between you two. Although, you might not want to tell her that given your questionable level of coolness at the moment!

  16. Well, yes, I think you’ve just proven the dichotomy of cool/nerdiness regarding knitting. (Just kidding.)
    The glasses are very cool, too.

  17. Haha! So is leaving yarn behind you the knitter’s equivalent of TP stuck to your shoe? And nice glasses Hannah!

  18. I laughed at the mental image, surely the knitter’s version of the “toilet-paper-stuck-to-the-shoe” pitfall! Cool glasses, very pretty girl!

  19. At least, your skirt wasn’t tucked into your pantyhose. ;^)

    What a beautiful child. Great frames! Who picked them and does she want to go frame shopping with me when the time comes? I’m so bad at picking frames. Something about needing glasses to actually see, I think.

  20. Great story. It gave me quite a chuckle picturing this and because it would totally somthing that I would do.

    Hannah looks great in with her new glasses!

  21. heh heh … you’re a dork 😉

    I LOVE HANNAH’S GLASSES!!! where did she get them? i must try on a pair.

    and she is gorgeous.

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