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Returning Home

I am home. And it was a wonderful trip. I know you’re all anxious to hear about it (because you have nothing better to do, right?) but I need some time to process it all before I post. So, tomorrow I will have an Eye Candy Friday photo and Monday I will tell you all about the trip. ‘Kay?

In the meantime, I am missing this:


Margene. And the mountains.

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  1. Welcome back. It is hard to shift gears after spending time with best knit buds – I got to see mine for a week in August as a birthday present from my husband.

    True frienship is such a blessing!

  2. I have desperately missed your blog this past week, but have been reading Margene’s so that helped.

    Welcome home and I can’t wait to hear about your many adventures in Utah.

  3. It was so much fun to meet you. Wish Kim and I did not have to hurry home to Idaho. Don’t rush the feelings, savor them!

  4. Do you know how happy it makes me to hear about your friendship with Margene? It reminds me of what Carole and I started online 9 years ago!

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