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Eye Candy Friday

I know, I know, another tulip. But I got them for Valentine’s Day and I’ve been photographing them all week. It’s a nice shot of spring and since it actually feels like spring around here today I’m extra happy.

Hope your weekend is extra happy, too!

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  1. I was looking for tulips yesterday! I’ll continue my search today. Loving this break from winter. Happy weekend!

  2. Love the shot, looks like the bloom is nestled cozily in the leaves! Enjoy your day off, I’ll be crawling back into bed once K gets on the bus.

  3. Happy spring preview, eh? It’s been a really great week, and now I’m bracing myself for the reality that’s blowing in over the next few days. Oh, but those days ARE getting longer!! Happy weekend — enjoy.

  4. Pretty flowers are always worth an extra photo! Those are beautiful. It feels like spring here too…70 degrees today.

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