Eye Candy Friday

I do not like spiders at all but I do like spiderwort. I like it so much that  a few years ago I stole this spiderwort plant right out of my father-in-law’s yard. He didn’t mind. Then again, he probably didn’t notice.

I hope you notice something beautiful this weekend!

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  1. Carolyn says

    Beautiful picture! My brother lives in W. Mass on a farm in the Berkshires and has those flowers all over the place. He and his wife and two kids raise cotswolds. When their first lamb was born a couple of years ago his daughter was given the honor of naming her. She wanted to name the new lamb after those pretty blue flowers so my bro and his wife looked them up and thought they were called “Lungwort”. Poor Ella was so disappointed that her adorable lamb would have such a not cute or pretty name. She decided to call the lamb Bluewort or Blue for short. Honestly, spiderwort isn’t much better than lungwort for such a beautiful flower! 😉 Thanks for sharing the pic and enjoy your weekend.

  2. Geri says

    Simply lovely! I came home from Maine to find my flower bed had become fine dining for either rabbits or deer. This happened last year as well. We’ve put done repellant so hopefully they start to rebloom.

  3. says

    Beautiful!! Even though today is a work day I feel as if the weekend starts now. Today the sunrise was the color of flame. On the other side of the sky a nearly full moon looked down on me. The morning was amazing.

  4. jill says

    That’s a beautiful shot with the water droplets. Thank you for the wish to find beauty. I’m getting a haircut today; I’m hoping for some beauty to follow!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. says

    I have a bucket of daisy plants and basket of gold plants that I ‘borrowed’ from my Mom and Dad’s yard. I’m hoping to get them planted this weekend for a bit of yard color.

    Your photograph today is beautiful, as always. Have a great weekend.

  6. says


    I dont have any spiderwort….it is just lovely. Fireman hates spiders…me Im fine with them > They are all charlotte to me..

  7. says

    Spiderwort’s one of my favorites! I’m going to steal some out of the shop yard where I work. (I think it migrated from a neighbor).

  8. El says

    I had a lot of spiderwort at my last house. I believe it’s also called Trinity Flower, if that has a better connotation to you. I had the dark purple, a medium purple and an almost-pink color.

  9. Doris says

    I never knew that that was the name of the plants that my neighbor keeps ripping out as weeds, but that I adore. Now I can tell them to leave the dang things in the ground, cause they have a name! Pretty picture, too.