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Eye Candy Friday

My hot pink peony only has 2 blossoms this year. Honestly, though, with a flower as gorgeous as this one I am not about to complain. It is magnificent and the photo doesn’t really do it justice but I do suggest clicking and looking at it full size. Stunning!

I am posting this beauty in honor of my mom.  She loved peonies and would have been 80 years old today. She was only 66 when she died so it’s sort of hard to picture her as an old lady of 80. She’d have been a feisty one, I think. Happy Birthday, Mom. I miss you every day.

Hug someone you love this weekend.

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  1. What a beautiful peonyn honor of your mom’s birthday! I love how the sun shines on it and lights the bloom up.

  2. The peony is such a beautiful way to honor your mom. So many petals to represent the many ways we love our moms and receive the love they give. Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Gorgeous! Definitely a symbolic flower … so rich and complex. Happy Birthday to your Mom, she raised a wonderful woman 🙂

  4. Your mom is looking down on you and that beautiful peony
    with a big smile. Lovely way to honor her birthday.

  5. My mother and grandmother loved peonies, too. This time of year and all the blooming flowers bring memories of both of them. My mother is the same age as your mom. They both died too young. Here’s to good memories of them!!

  6. I imagine peonies to be flowers that don’t know how truly beautiful they are. Roses know, columbine are too playful to care, daisies are those freckle face tomboys who don’t want “beautiful” attached to them, and peonies quietly bloom into something spectacular without fully realizing just how amazing they are. Happy day, Carole!

  7. Gorgeous! Thinking of you and remembering your special Mom on her Birthday today. Hope you have a nice day and weekend.

  8. It’s so pretty I want to eat it! I did biggify it – gorgeous! My grandma was in her mid 60s when she died too, it’s way too young. I will hug my people. :o)

  9. Your peony is gorgeous. I have white one with a dot of dark pink in the center. Had lots of them this year, but the thunderstorms demolished them only a couple of days after they opened. 🙁

  10. Peonies are so ephemeral and in a sense, so was your mother. I can’t help but think she must have been beautiful…like the peony you photographed. Hugs, Jo

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