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Ten On Tuesday

It’s strawberry season around here and it probably is for a lot of you, too. Even if it’s not, it will be at some point, so let’s talk about our 10 Favorite Ways to Eat Strawberries.

  1. Plain. If they are just picked and warm from the sun this is the absolute best way to enjoy them.
  2. With a little brown sugar. Have you ever tried strawberries dipped in a little brown sugar? Oh so good!
  3. Jam. Strawberry jam is my favorite. I’ve only made it once and found it to be a lot of work.
  4. Pie. I blogged about my favorite strawberry pie before and I’ll be making that for my family very soon.
  5. Shortcake. I like mine with homemade biscuits and whipped cream. Not too sweet, either.
  6. With vanilla ice cream. Just slice ’em up and put them on top. Yummmmy and simple.
  7. With yogurt. The other morning for breakfast I had fat free vanilla yogurt with fresh strawberries and a sprinkling of sliced almonds. It was better than bacon and eggs, I tell you. Okay, maybe not better but definitely very good.
  8. With booze. The other day we went to a party and we made something called a French Kiss. It starts with a hollowed out strawberry. You put a chocolate chip in the bottom and then you fill up the little strawberry cup with vanilla vodka. Top with whipped cream and eat.
  9. In a salad. They are yummy with some baby spinach, goat cheese and walnuts.
  10. Scones. Light and delicious and wonderful with a cup of coffee on the deck.
I could have gone on and on, there are so many delicious ways to enjoy strawberries!

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  1. French Kiss sounds yummy! I am such a strawberry addict! I’m so excited because as we end the season here, we head to Maine to catch the season there. I’m overjoyed!!

  2. We have had our strawberry season here for a longer time
    than usual due to the weather this winter/spring. I have them
    almost every day because they are so good for you and my
    favorite way to eat them is in a salad which I have every day.
    I have to try dipping them in brown sugar! Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a delicious list! I <3 Strawberries!
    Have you ever tried dipping them in sour cream, then brown sugar?
    It's heaven in a bite.

  4. we have nearly identical lists this week! I ran out of room, but I also like them topped with aged balsamic and fresh basil chiffonade for a delicious (low cal!) dessert. great topic!!

  5. One summer my father drove a gravel truck, and his route went past a fruit stand. I’d ride along on his late afternoon trip, and we would stop and buy strawberries. There was just one problem: if we were to arrive home with the correct amount of berries, we had to buy an extra pint for eating on the way home, ’cause we would!

  6. Some of my fondest memories of childhood are of the gentleman from across the street coming over with pints of strawberries he’d just picked. My mom would slice them in half into a bowl, sprinkle some sugar on them & let them sit in the refrigerator until after dinner. Then she’d serve them ladled over fresh bisquick shortbreads (split w/ butter in the middle) and covered in freshly beaten whipped cream. Heaven in a bowl 🙂

  7. Oh yum. We drove down the coast of California about 15 years ago with the kids and bought a flat of berries at a farm north of Oakland. OMG, the BEST! We stayed in Oakland with an old friend of Rusty’s — who I met for the first time with strawberry juice dribbled all down the front of my white cotton sweater. So good.

  8. My husband has made something he calls fried strawberries and cream. He hollowed the strawbery, stuffed with cream cheese, battered and fired them. YUM

  9. I use to ride my bike to junior high and the local library on a road with strawberry fields on one side and orange groves on the other. Their seasons didn’t coincided, but but it made for a fun ride. Yesteday my girls decorated a chocolate cake with strawberries. It was so pretty and everyone raved. Good for me it wasn’t gf; I enjoyed my berries plain.

  10. It sounds like many of you have a farm market source for strawberries. So often the berries sold in our local grocery are so so. I have so many happy memories of staying on my grandparents’ farm and being allowed to raid the strawberry patch. Also hiking in the mountains when the wild strawberries are ripe. They are about the size of your little fingernail but are bursting with intense flavor. In any case, all the delicious ideas have inspired me to go looking for some really good berries.

  11. I love strawberries, too. When I was a kid, we used to go strawberry picking out on the east end of Long Island, followed by square dancing. My father used to wear a red checkered shirt, keeping in theme. And when we got home, my mother made wonderful jam. Ah, youth!

    Here are 2 other ways that I use them:

    For less than perfectly ripe strawberries: try dousing them with a little balsamic vinegar.

    As one of the berries in a summer pudding. A dessert not to be believed!

  12. I second what Irene said.

    Try strawberries dipped in sour cream and brown sugar.

    You will not be disappointed.

    Even when I didn’t like sour cream (I’ve gotten over that big time), I would still do a happy dance when I saw the Strawberries/Brown Sugar/Sour Cream setup at a buffet.

    Maybe it is a southern thing.

  13. I agree with #1: plain, fresh picked and sun-warmed is the best!.
    My #2: dipped in dark chocolate and allowed to set. But they have to be big and lusciously ripe. Thankfully there are (arguably) some health benefits to dark chocolate!
    I loved strawberry ice cream as a kid. This is making me want some now!

  14. I love strawberries! They look as good as they taste. My grandmother used to make the best strawberry jam. I never learned how…so I miss that, but this post brought back that good memory. Have a great week and enjoy your strawberries!

  15. My grandmother liked to slice them up, sprinkle them with sugar and then pour a little milk on them. A bit like having strawberries and cream, but not quite so decadent. I still eat them that way every so often.

  16. It’s been a while since I commented, but I have two favorites:
    Sliced with just a pinch of sugar and some balsalmic vinegar. Let the berries macerate and serve it on ice cream. Then, I bought some organic berries at the farmer’s market on Sunday. They were starting to look a little old, so I blended them up with a bit of sugar, corn starch, lemon juice and chambord, cooked it down, and it’s now waiting to be served over ice cream. And lest I forget my 12 year old’s favorite: On oatmeal with some chocolate chips. Mmmmm…

  17. Strawberries with ice cream? Had that earlier this year! The combo makes for a refreshing, not-too-sweet dessert. I also like them plain, with a bit of sugar and on cold cereal for breakfast. I’ve eaten TONS of strawberries this year.

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