Eye Candy Friday

Yes, it’s another morning glory shot. I just couldn’t help myself. At least it’s a different angle.

I’ve got a busy weekend ahead but it’s all fun. Provincetown today, Fiber Revival on Saturday (!!),  Relaxing on Sunday. Yes, that’s Relaxing with a capital R. I’ll have earned it by then.

Have a great weekend, my friends!

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  1. says

    Sounds like you have a great time planned. My in-laws are visiting, so I will probably take them on a tour of the Adams house(s) and Old Peace Field, etc., do some window shopping and maybe watch the Olympics with them.

    I think last time they were here was when the last Star Trek movie came out. It was a lot of fun watching it with them!

  2. Kathode Ray Tube says

    The Fiber Revival sounds so fun! I’ve gotta get there sometime! Have a great weekend!

  3. says

    How could you resist taking Morning Glory pictures? They are so beautiful. Fiber Revival sounds like so much fun. Have a great time!

  4. Jo says

    Keep the morning glories coming–they are incredibly complex and simple at the same time and incredibly beautiful. have a great time at the Fiber Festival!

  5. Manise says

    Sometimes the backs of blooms are prettier than the fronts. All of that texture. Beautiful!

  6. Patty says

    Those morning glories are just……glorious! Wish they’d grow in my cold climate and sandy/rocky soil, but I’ll have to settle for wild roses and dandelions.

  7. jill says

    Your shot really shows off the intricacies of the sweet little blossom. Nice against the white, too. Play hard!

  8. Mary K. in Rockport says

    See you there – although the weather prediction is not promising. I’ll be in the bright red LLBean raincoat!

  9. Judy says

    Hope to see you tomorrow! Love the morning glory – still no flowers on mine. The vine is lovely though.