Eye Candy Friday

I’m extending Halloween for another day or two. Or at least until all this candy corn is gone.

I have no special plans for this weekend and I am just thrilled about that. Make it a good one, friends!

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  1. says

    Yummm, candy corn. Our weekend looks gray and dreary, but there should be plenty of fun on hand here and there. It’s still hard to believe it’s November! TGIF! Happy weekend.

  2. says

    We are keeping Halloween going too. I feel like it was kinda breezed over with the hurricane and all. Enjoy your quiet weekend!

  3. says

    No special plans – those are the best weekends!!! That’s what my weekend is looking like, too. I’m hoping to catch up on some things.

  4. says

    Halloween has been rescheduled for monday because of hurricane Sandy so I am using it as an excuse to eat more candy.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. jill says

    Your composition is lovely, Carole. As much as I love Halloween, I love Christmas more, so I’m jazzed to see Halloween behind us.