Relaxing Is Hard Work

As I’m writing this post it’s Sunday afternoon and Dale and I just got back from a weekend away in Plymouth. We’re sitting on the couch, each with our laptops, doing the usual: checking emails, catching up on Facebook. You know the drill. And he looks over at me and says, “why am I so exhausted from a weekend of doing absolutely nothing but relaxing?”

While I have no answer to his question, I do agree that he’s got a point – relaxing is hard work. Especially when your idea of relaxing is wandering around the streets of Plymouth, walking the jetty, drinking lots of beer, eating as much lobster as possible, trying new restaurants, listening to great music, reading and talking and enjoying being together.

It’s utterly exhausting.

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  1. Robby says

    First? Love the shorter hair. You’re the Bomb in that.

    I think it is really the re-entry that is exhausting as your brain starts to re-engage in ‘life’.

  2. Jo-Ann says

    It’s definitely exhausting relaxing πŸ˜‰ So glad you had a wonderful little getaway!

  3. Cindy says

    Just wanted to say that you look Great . Love the hair !! And I think you are Glowing.

  4. says

    It’s so true. On the days where we are on vacation we are exhausted at the end of the day! What new places did you try? We were going to take a ride to Plymouth on Saturday but ended up on West Island (finally). Very cute place! Saw lots of homes I would love to have. If I win Powerball that is.

  5. jill says

    What a wonderful reason to be exhausted! And what beaming smiles! You sure know how to make the most out of a weekend!

  6. Jo says

    Great pictures of both of you! You indeed look relaxed. Stop with the lobster already lol. I lied the other day–it was $96 for four plus shipping and handling!

  7. Trista says

    You are both looking so healthy and happy! I too am exhausted from relaxing, but then we had a very long trip to come home yesterday from Marbella Spain to Seattle. It was about 24 hours travel with layover that went on and on at JFK and life feels surreal just now. It was amazing all in all- we had lobster twice. Once in Spain and then at JFK we had our first ever Nova Scotian Lobster tails and they were amazingly sweet and flavorful. My husband was born and raised in the Boston area and he was truly impressed with the flavor of these, which is saying something. I know you New Englanders are serious about your Lobster! It’s good to be home, no?

  8. says

    I am really hoping that my exit and later reentry this week isn’t as much exhausting as rejuvenating. Moving is so soon that it makes the things left to do feel exhausting and nearly impossible.