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About That Awards Show

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Turns out that the combination of Daylight Savings Time and a long ass awards show makes for a slowwwww Monday morning. But I’m here today, let’s talk about The Oscards.

I thought the show itself was great but Jimmy Kimmel was not as good as I expected him to be. His scripted jokes felt forced but his jab at Trump at the very end was perfect. And speaking of scripted, the scripted banter between presenters was banal and unnecessary much of the time. If they are looking for ways to shorten the show they could certainly start there.

My predictions for the winners were pretty spot on, with Oppenheimer taking the majority of the awards. I was disappointed that Barbie didn’t win for Best Production Design Emma Stone’s win for Best Actress was the biggest upset of the evening, I think. And truly, her performance as Bella Baxter in Poor Things was amazing so I thought it was well deserved. The issue, I suppose, was that Lily Gladstone was predicted to win by literally everyone and I think we all just felt sort of bad for her when that didn’t happen. Billie Eilish singing What Was I Made For made me weep and Ryan Gosling’s I’m Just Ken was the highlight of the whole show for me. I loved how the Best and Supporting Actor Actress awards were presented by 5 individuals each, it felt really meaningful, particularly when there were true connections between the presenter and the nominee.

As for the fashion, I noticed several things. Dresses with really big sleeves, pastel gowns, lots of trains, wide legged pants on some of the men, and big bow ties. I loved Jennifer Lawrence in polka dots and Carey Mulligan in old Hollywood glamour, and I thought Anya Taylor-Joy looked gorgeous in her Birth of a Venus inspired gown.

Our food was great, although we had too much of it, but I spent a good part of the day in the kitchen and that’s not my favorite thing for a Sunday. I’m thinking next year we skip the movie/food pairings and get sushi instead!

And that’s a wrap on the 2024 Oscar season!

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  1. I didn’t watch (I almost never do), but Fletch did, so I heard some of it (the jab at Trump in particular was great). Interestingly, Fletch hasn’t said much about the show which makes me think he found it a little on the boring side (he’s usually full of commentary). I think the only movie on the list that I saw was Maestro (which won no awards).

  2. I enjoyed the Oscars more than usual, especially the John Cena bit, because it was lighthearted and well-managed. The only two films we managed to see were Maestro (eh) and Barbie; I and other women in the theater spontaneously stood and yelled “YEAH!” at America Ferrara’s speech!
    For Oscar dinner, I went pink – shrimp and strawberry pudding.

  3. I saw Barbie and while it was a fun movie, I’m not sure it was worthy of an award. I would like to see (and/or read) Killers of the Flower Moon, and I still haven’t watched Oppenheimer (three hours!) but I’m glad the Oscars were enjoyable for you. I do wonder why Justin didn’t receive an Oscar for best pond landscaping, but he’s had to do it again for some documentary, so maybe he’ll have another chance. 🙂

  4. I have seen clips of the highlights and they were great! I did not see Poor Things, but I did see Lily Gladstone in Killers of the Flower Moon and I thought she was brilliant in it! And while I really love your food/movie pairings… I think you might be smart about sushi!

  5. I’m Just Ken was our favorite (meaning me and my daughter), and we both laughed very hard at the John Cena bit. I did appreciate that it started earlier and I was actually able to see the whole thing without having to stay up past my bedtime. I agree that they could cut all the stupid banter and a lot of the jokes and have a much tighter show.

    I have not seen most of the movies so I can’t really comment about whether the right people won, but I thought Emma Stone was adorable. And was Pacino drunk or is he just losing it?

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