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Summer Weekends, July 5th-7th, 2024

I don’t have much to show from the weekend. And you may have noticed that I haven’t posted since Wednesday. Is it because I’ve been enjoying a slow and relaxing staycation? Yes. Is it also because of anxiety about the Supreme Court and debate coverage and Project 2025 and my struggle to find hope in the midst of a shit storm? Also yes.

Nothing saps my creativity more than anxiety, fear, and worry and I’ve been in the throes of all 3 a lot lately. It reached a fever pitch on July 4th, which is probably my least favorite holiday ever, and that was only enhanced this year when I felt despair over celebrating the freedoms we supposedly have knowing that those freedoms really only extend to white Christian men.

Writing in my journal helps. Meditating helps. Scrolling social media endlessly doesn’t help but I still succumbed to it quite a bit. Maybe going back to work will help, I’ll find out today.

I will leave you with one photo .

The lobster roll I had for dinner last night, made from lobster we cooked at home. We bought 4, cooked them all on Friday and ate 2 hot with butter and saved 2 for sandwiches. A lobster roll I make myself always beats one from anywhere else. Except for the view, perhaps.

I’ll try and post more regularly this week.

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  1. I was feeling the oxymoron that 4th of July is as well here. It was an overwhelming week. I will be sending you good “re-entry” thoughts this morning! XO

  2. Everything has been overwhelming lately. I hate it when I hear people over and over say that this the “best country in the world!” without a thought to what we need to improve, and that’s the 4th of July for me. Like you, not my favorite holiday. Politics, heat, and noise. That lobster roll looks like it would have diverted me for quite some time – yummy! Here’s hoping both of us are able to decrease our anxiety through meditation and hopefulness, Carole. Hope you have a much better week.

  3. I’m am very ready to move on . . . after last week. It was just miserable. Your lobster roll looks great, though. Sending all the love.

  4. I appreciate your honesty and your anxieties. I feel them myself. It is, in fact, what they want us to feel so we conclude it’s hopeless and don’t fight for our rights, beliefs and freedoms. I have to remind myself of this (and that some people can be evil). But I’ve decided I’m not going down without a fight. I’ll try to speak truth and hope where I can. Because there are more of us, and they know that, they also know our guy is better and they’re trying to tear that down. I don’t know what the right political calculus is for solving the situation, but I know who I’m supporting and I’m going to encourage people to vote like they are defending democracy and their vote is critical. Because both those things are true. Now, about that lobster roll, hubba, hubba.

  5. I wasn’t feeling very celebratory on the 4th, either, and I’m also feeling a lot of stress and anxiety about the current state of the country. The best way I know how to deal with all that is self care — rest, drinking plenty of water, eating good food, exercise and fresh air. I think that lobster roll can be considered self care, and I certainly hope it was as delicious as it looks!

  6. That lobster roll looks tasty! I totally agree with your feelings about the current state of our country; reading the newspaper and/or listening to the news is not fun or encouraging.

  7. I am right there with you, and wishing I had a lobster roll to help make it better. I didn’t even put my flag out on the 4th because I just wasn’t feeling it. I hope work can at least provide a distraction. I’m making pickles and the pungent fumes are distracting me!

  8. The 4th isn’t my favorite holiday, either, and I was happy to be someplace where I didn’t feel any pressure to “celebrate.” I may make that an annual thing.

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