A Month of Photos: May 2015

It’s time to look at the photos I took for the month of May. Ready?

may 2015 mosaic
May was just bursting with joy! And flowers! There were tulips and graduation bouquets and flowers in the garden. What a great burst of color they added to the month. Of course there was the usual food and drink, a sunset, a soldier, and several quiet moments, too.

I think my favorite thing about taking a picture every day, other than the opportunity to practice photography, is the photographic journal it creates.

May sure was an awesome month around here.

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  1. says

    All of the pictures are of happy memories. You had fun days, miles stone days, and relaxing days. May was a lovely month!

  2. Doris says

    Great photos! May was a great month for my family too, with travel, flowers and lots of fun times. Glad that it was for you too!

  3. says

    TULIPS! I love all the flowers and celebrations you shared this month. I’m about 90% committed to making a photo book with this year’s daily photos. Sometimes I just want to have that photo journal printed.