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Ten On Tuesday

The arrival of fall always gets me a little energized to learn something new. I think it’s the cooler temps and shorter days and the fact that I live with 2 people who are school employees so we still have that back-to-school mentality around our house. Anyway, I was thinking the other day of things I’d like to learn and then thought – wouldn’t it be great if I could just snap my fingers and be able to do this stuff? Today’s Ten On Tuesday topic reflects that wish: 10 Things I Wish I Could Learn Instantly.

soft boiled egg for carole knits
I did recently learn to make soft boiled eggs, at least that’s something.

  1. Spanish. I can order food and drinks in restaurants but when it comes to conversations? Not so much.
  2. Crochet. I try and try but it still feels pretty awkward to me most of the time.
  3. Painting. As in art. I really don’t have any artistic ability but I would love to be able to paint a beautiful painting.
  4. Automotive repair. Think of the money I could save if I could repair my own car!
  5. Plumbing. See number 4.
  6. Html. I used to be able to write simple html stuff but now with style sheets and all of that my knowledge just doesn’t cut it.
  7. Play the guitar. I’d love to be able to play for some good old-fashioned sing-a-longs on the deck or around the campfire.
  8. Tailoring. So many off the rack things don’t fit as well as they should. I can make simple adjustments but I’d love to be able to make custom fit garments.
  9. Electrical Wiring. Again, see numbers 4 and 5. Although I do have an excellent friend who happens to be an excellent electrician so I mostly have this covered.
  10. How to drive a standard. Never learned. Probably should actually do this one.

Some of those things are attainable and some are pipe dreams but wouldn’t it be great if we could just snap our fingers and be really good at something?

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  1. It seems like I often need an electrician, plumber, and/or a mechanic. Sign me up as your first customer when you snap your fingers and learn these skills!

  2. Growing up in a household with parents who were teachers, I still feel like fall is a fresh new year. Learn to drive a stick girl! It’s almost a lost art, but anyone that already drives and can play the piano or run a sewing machine will pick this up quickly. Plus it makes driving more fun.

  3. I’ve never tried crocheting, but my daughter has learned to and she likes both crocheting and knitting.

    No. 6 is a good one! I didn’t think of that or it would’ve been on my list. Quite a few techie computer things I wouldn’t mind instantly knowing! 🙂

  4. If you can spin on a wheel, you can drive a stick. It’s the same hand/foot coordination. (And if I can do it, anyone can.) My “instant knowledge” thing would be free motion quilting.

  5. Reading your list made me nostalgic for all the cars I’ve driven that had a manual transmission. I miss that feeling of control. It must be that I’m older than you, but there are just things I no longer even think about doing!

  6. We matched on crochet! And I forgot to add another one – learn to play the piano – something I’ve wanted to learn forever!

    Linda in VA

  7. I’m with you on the tailoring and the Spanish! I didn’t even think about the car repair idea, but that’s a good one. And I also decided to learn to drive stick shift a while ago… the best way to do that seems to be to buy one. You learn real fast when you have no options… 😉

  8. I would like to open my mouth and have Janis Joplin’s singing voice come out (not exactly something one can LEARN, though.)

  9. Look into a book entitled The Ultimate Spanish. A very inexpensive and first-rate grammar workbook. It covers everything.

    It’s fun learning new things. Currently for me it’s brioche knitting. Maybe I’ll also take up crochet. I don’t know why crochet seems so intimidating! I’m also interested in learning how to reupholster my old rocker. Fun things!

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