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As I mentioned yesterday, I finished listening to LaRose over the weekend. Generally, when I listen to an audiobook, I do so strictly in the car. So, going back and forth to work, running errands around time, that’s about it. It’s maybe an hour or so of listening time each day. Not a lot but it works for me as I don’t mind if it takes a while to finish a book. Now and again, though, I listen to a book that I love and I want to listen all.the.time until it’s finished. That’s howw it was with LaRose and I found myself wanting to listen when I wasn’t driving. And that leads me right into this week’s Ten On Tuesday topic: 10 Things to Do While Listening to an Audiobook.


  1. Knit.
  2. Drive.
  3. Empty the dishwasher.
  4. Clean the house.
  5. Garden.
  6. Walk.
  7. Do your “getting ready” thing. Makeup, hair stuff, you know.
  8. Fold laundry.
  9. Get a pedicure.
  10. Fly on a plane.

That last one? The one about flying on a plane? That’s what I’m doing today because Dale and I are going to visit Kym and Tom! It’s not exactly a state secret; I’ve alluded to it here on the blog and also in some comments I’ve left over at Kym’s blog. But now it’s officially here and I’m officially telling you that the four of us are about to embark on a week of sightseeing, hanging out, fishing, beer drinking, reading, knitting (those last two might be mostly done by Kym and I) and whatever else comes our way. Woo hoo!

There may or may not be blogging on my part. And/or Kym’s part. There will, I’m sure, be plenty to follow on instagram. You can find me here and Kym here if you want to check out our adventures.

In the meantime, Happy Tuesday! If you wrote a post for today please include a link to it below. There won’t be a Ten On Tuesday post next week but I’ll catch you back here for sure on the 29th.

Ten On Tuesday

Summer is almost officially here – going by the calendar – and summer is officially here if you’re going by the weather. It’s my favorite season and I love to savor it. One way to do that is to make a list of things to do and so, today’s Ten On Tuesday topic is 10 Things on This Summer’s Bucket List.

carole beach for carole knits

  1. Make ice cream. I actually already did this last weekend. I bought, on Bev’s recommendation, the Kitchen Aid ice cream maker and it’s fantastic. I used Pioneer Woman’s recipe for strawberry ice cream and it was fantastic.
  2. Spend as much time on the deck aka our summer living room as possible. It’s like having a whole ‘nother room and I love it so much.
  3. Travel somewhere new. Happening soon!
  4. Swim. I’m a big fan of the beach but I don’t often go in the water. This year, though, I want to make sure I do.
  5. Harvest my own vegetables. Our raised bed is off to a great start!
  6. Read. Lots. Get a cover all for summer book bingo as a result.
  7. Visit Heritage Museum and Gardens. We went last year and had a wonderful time and this year they have an exhibit of costumes from movies that sounds fantastic.
  8. Go camping. Or, even better, glamping.
  9. Go to Lake Winnipesaukee to visit Jo-Ann and Shawn. Ride in the boat as much as possible.
  10. Dine al fresco. I love a restaurant with outdoor dining, whether it’s with a beautiful water view or even just a few of the parking lot. Everything is better outside.

How about you? What’s on your summer bucket list? Please add a link to your post so we can all read it. Go here to subscribe to the weekly Ten On Tuesday email.

Ten On Tuesday

I don’t consider myself a very curious person. Maybe it’s the fallout of working in a public library for the past mumblethirtysixmumblemuble years but I’m generally good at accepting things at face value and moving on. BUT. Sometimes I do get curious about stuff and I want to learn more. And so, this week, for Ten on Tuesday I am giving you a list of Ten Things I’m Curious About. Right now.

lantana for carole knits

  1. The behavior of snapping turtles. A big one laid a bunch of eggs in my stepdaughter’s front yard the other day. I want to know more about their behavior, the incubation period of the eggs, etc. etc.
  2. Why I can’t grow lupine successfully. I try and try but they just don’t come back.
  3. Why my poppies don’t spread. I have exactly ONE poppy every year. I see other gardens with loads of poppies but not mine. WHY?
  4. Why the payroll spreadsheet doesn’t add a column up correctly. I have 3 payrolls I complete every other week for work. The final total column for 2 of these adds up correctly. The other one is off by a penny or two every.single.time. I have checked the rounding issue and everything else I can think of and I cannot fix this.
  5. How to paint with watercolors. And acrylics. I’ve been reading and I want to try more. Hullo new obsession.
  6. The real story behind the assassination of JFK. Conspiracy theories abound and I’d like to know the truth.
  7. Does food taste the same for everyone. I mean, love lamb and Dale hates it. Is that because it tastes different to him? Or does it taste the same and he doesn’t like it? Know what I mean? (I can’t think about this too long or I get a headache.)
  8. Speaking of food – who had the idea that lobster would be edible?
  9. How does the fax machine really work? I’ve read about it and I understand it in the sense that I can read the explanation. But really? I don’t get it.
  10. What was that one thing I was going to list on here that I can’t for the life of me remember? It was good, too. Damn.

I hope you wrote a post about your own curiosity today. If you did be sure and include the link to it below. And, if you’re curious about the Ten on Tuesday topic each week click here to subscribe.

Ten On Tuesday: Weekending

I had a pretty fantastic long weekend and I hope you did, too. Want to know what I did? Here are 10 things:

sunflower wreath for carole knits

  1. Made summer-y wreaths for my front door and kitchen door.
  2. Met Blogless Sharon for a delicious sushi lunch. It was great to catch up and we both agreed that we need to do this more often.

doreen and carole selfie for carole knits

42 north apps for carole knits

3. Dropped Dale off at a band job and then drove to Plymouth to meet Doreen for drinks and apps at 42° North. I’ve been dying to try this restaurant and it’s a pretty good halfway spot for us to meet. We had a wonderful evening at their outside bar, noshing and chatting.

memorial day weekend snacks for carole knits

4. Spent a wonderful Saturday afternoon on the deck. Dale and I ran errands early and then got home to just hang out. We drank some beer, played some games, visited with Hannah and her boyfriend Mike, and just chilled. And let me tell you, chilling wasn’t easy because it was HOT. (Please to note, I am NOT complaining.)

memorial day weekend lobster for carole knits

5. Ate lobsters. Dale and I got some big ‘uns for our Saturday evening meal. They were sweet and delicious.

6. Attended a local pow wow. I love to listen to the drummers and watch the dancers. It was substantially cooler than Saturday and we really enjoyed the event.

7. Went to Sean and Michael’s for a cook out. They bought a beautiful old home in my town just this past week and I am so thrilled to have them here. Their house is exactly one mile from my house and we had such a great time visiting with them on Sunday. Everything was wonderful and the conversation was even better than the food – which is really saying something because Sean is an incredible cook. I feel so lucky to have expanded my circle of friends.

bird bath fountain for carole knits

container garden for carole knits

8. Planted a few more container gardens. I may be done. But probably not. I also got a new bird bath and set up the solar powered fountain Dale got me last Christmas. To see we are extremely entertained by this gadget would be an understatement.

memorial day sangria for carole knits

9. Had the kids over for a Memorial Day Cook Out In. Our holiday weather was not ideal but we made the most of it.

10. Felt blessed. Really, between so much uninterrupted time with Dale, a visit with his dad, wonderful food, time with 2 of my best girlfriends as well as time with new friends and my kids, getting my hands dirty in the garden, chats with my new neighbors, I count myself as an incredibly lucky woman.

What did you do this weekend? Please share a link to your post below. And, as always, if you want to receive the weekly Ten On Tuesday email just click here.

Ten On Tuesday

Some of the most popular Ten On Tuesday topics are the ones about food. And so, today, let’s indulge the old sweet tooth and make a list of my 10 Favorite Desserts.

birthday cake with candles for carole knits

  1. Cheesecake. Plain is my favorite but I don’t say no to other varieties.
  2. Pie. Any kind, any time. Mostly blueberry, though.
  3. Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. The absolute best cake combination in the world.
  4. Birthday cake. Please note that birthday cake needs to be yellow with vanilla frosting.
  5. Creme Brulee. A special treat that I don’t make at home.
  6. Cannolis. From Modern in the North End of Boston, please.
  7. Ice Cream Sundae. From Peaceful Meadows, our local ice cream spot.
  8. Brownies and Blondies. Homemade only and not from a box.
  9. Strawberry Shortcake. When local strawberries are ripe and the biscuits and whipped cream is homemade.
  10. Bread pudding. Also, rice pudding. But mostly bread pudding.

Don’t mind me but I’m off to the bakery!

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