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When last we posted for Ten On Tuesday, the topic was 10 Things I Love About Visiting the City. This week, as a yang to the yin, our topic is 10 Things I Love About Visiting the Country. As a caveat, I think it’s worth noting that “the country” may mean different things to different people.

morning sun down back for carole knits

  1. A sky full of stars. There’s nothing like looking up and seeing them all to make you feel small but in a really good way.
  2. Gardens. I love an old fashioned country garden with big blooms and roses and everything being just a little bit wild and overgrown.
  3. Water. I probably associate ponds and lakes more with the countryside but I do love the ocean best of all.
  4. Birds. Songbirds and big birds like hawks and eagles – the abound and they make me happy. Rare ones get checked off on my life list. Yes, I am that dork.
  5. Sounds. Cicadas and peepers, the hush of falling snow, the snap and pop of a campfire.
  6. Smells. Fresh mowed grass, wildflowers, and a pie cooling on the windowsill all come to my mind.
  7. Critters. Deer and elk, bunnies and little furry things. No snakes, please.
  8. Clothing. Blue jeans and cowboy boots, flannel shirts – I love that laid back style.
  9. Wide open spaces. Apologies to the Dixie Chicks.
  10. Cooking. Cast iron fry pans loaded with fried chicken and cornbread, stews and chili, mason jars full of lemonade.

I have to admit, this list was easier to compile than the one about the city. I guess I’m a country girl at heart and that’s okay with me so long as the city is still a quick trip. If you wrote a post for today please include your link below so we can all read it. If you want to subscribe to the Ten On Tuesday mailing list please click here.

***Please note, there will be no Ten On Tuesday on 8/18 and 8/25. This blogger will be on vay-cay-tion.***

Ten On Tuesday

We live pretty close to Boston but we don’t get into the city very frequently. Traffic makes it a hassle, parking is expensive, the list of reasons goes on. And yet, whenever we do go I always say, “why don’t we do this more often?” It’s fun and it’s so different from where we live. So today, to remind myself about the good things about heading into the city, our Ten On Tuesday topic is 10 Things I Love About Visiting the City.

boston expressway for carole knits

  1. People watching. Hand’s down, this is the best part. Oh the sights you see!
  2. Museums. Boston has some good ones, including the MFA, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum and the Museum of Science just to name a few of my favorites.
  3. Historic Places. There are loads of historic places in Boston, from Paul Revere’s house to the location of the Boston Massacre and so much more. The Freedom Trail is a great way to visit all of those spots.
  4. Restaurants. The North End is known for it’s great Italian places, there are several great steak spots, excellent sushi and so much more.
  5. Stores. Okay, I really could just say Sephora and leave it at that.  But truthfully the stores are great, from quaint little shops to big ole Saks 5th Avenue.
  6. Street Food. Farmer’s Markets and taco trucks and all of the food vendors at Fanueil Hall – I could go on and on about the endless possibilities.
  7. Beautiful hotels. I particularly love The Parker House and the Fairmont Copley.
  8. Parks. There’s just something different about a city park and the public garden in Boston is the home of the infamous swan boats and Make Way for Ducklings statues, too.
  9. Walking everywhere. I love that it’s just easier to walk. It’s  a great way to get in some exercise without feeling like you are actually exercising. And you get to see so much on your journey.
  10. Libraries. Of course! Boston Public Library is one of the best.

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Ten On Tuesday

It’s the height of blueberry season here in New England and the other morning Dale and I picked 8 pounds of them. Some went into the pie pictured below. Some went into a cake. Some are still in the fridge and some are in the freezer for future use. Here are my 10 Favorite Things To Do With Blueberries, this week’s Ten On Tuesday topic.

    blueberry pie for carole knits

  1. Pick ’em.
  2. Eat ’em straight out of the container.
  3. Bake a pie.
  4. Make my grandmother’s blueberry cake.
  5. Make blueberry muffins.
  6. Make blueberry pancakes.
  7. Mix them into Greek yogurt.
  8. Put them on top of cereal. Grape Nuts is my preference.
  9. Float them in blueberry beer.
  10. Make blueberry buckle. Or slump. Or whatever you want to call it.

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Ten On Tuesday

Inspired by my visit to Heritage Museum and Gardnes, today’s Ten on Tuesday topic is 10 Favorite American Artists. Let’s talk art!

little mark island watercolor for carole knits

  1. Winslow Homer. I already outed myself on this one.
  2. Andrew Wyeth. And this one, too, I suppose.
  3. Norman Rockwell. His museum isn’t that far from us and it’s on my bucket list.
  4. John Singer Sargent. He’s American although he spent most of his life abroad. I’m including him anyway.
  5. Georgia O’Keeffe. Who doesn’t love those giant flowers?
  6. John James Audubon. I’ve actually seen originals of his at the State House in Boston. They are very large and very amazing.
  7. Ansel Adams. Not all artists are painters, you know.
  8. Annie Leibovitz. Her contemporary portraits of celebrities are amazing.
  9. Edward Hopper. His paints appeal to the photographer in me, they are so realistic.
  10. Bob Ross. Who can resist those happy little trees? This is a joke, of course, but I had to include him because my brother-in-law, Randy, has been mistaken for him so many times that it’s family legend.

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Ten On Tuesday

Is there anything more perfect in the summertime than an ice cream cone? I think not! And half the fun of getting an ice cream is choosing which flavor to have, right? Today’s Ten On Tuesday topic, as you may have guessed by now, is 10 Favorite Ice Cream Flavors. Ready?

shibleys ice cream for carole knits

  1. Peppermint Stick. Makes me think of my Nana and it’s been my favorite since I was a kid.
  2. Black Raspberry. When peppermint stick isn’t available (and that’s often, for some reason) this is my fallback.
  3. Strawberry Cheesecake. A great flavor combo!
  4. Maple Walnut. This was my mom’s favorite and I love it, too, especially when the walnuts are in big pieces.
  5. Dutch Chocolate Almond. Because sometimes you need chocolate.
  6. Pistachio.  I’m looking at my list and thinking – geez, I guess I like nuts.
  7. Peanut Butter. And by this I mean Peanut Butter ice cream. Not chocolate with peanut butter swirls. Or vanilla with peanut butter cups. Real honest to goodness peanut butter flavored ice cream. It’s hard to find.
  8. Butter Pecan. So rich and sweet and decadent.
  9. Peach. A little fresh fruit is good, especially when it’s surrounded by rich vanilla ice cream.
  10. Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia. It’s a classic for a reason.

And now, I want ice cream. What a terrible topic this turned out to be! Okay, not really and I hope you all enjoyed it. If you wrote a post for today please include your link below. Click here to subscribe to the Ten on Tuesday weekly email.

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