Ten On Tuesday

The traditional Ten On Tuesday topic for the Tuesday before Thanksgiving is to talk about things we are thankful for. And I am, as always, thankful for so many blessings in my life. Let me get the big stuff out of the way first: I’m thankful for Dale and my kids and grandkids and extended family. I’m thankful for my health and my job and a roof over my head. I’m thankful for the friends I have, those near and far.

living room nov 2015 for carole knits

Now. I’m going to approach things a little differently this time around and I have suggested through my Ten On Tuesday email that everyone else do the same. Today I will list 10 Things I Am Thankful for Right Now. An in the moment thankful list, if you will.

  1. My hairdresser, Tammy. She’s been cutting my hair since I was 18 years old and I love her. She does a great job and I always enjoying catching up with her when I go to the salon.
  2. Dale’s sense of humor. I have always told Hannah,  marry a man who will make you laugh. I think yesterday’s photo proves that he and I have a lot of fun together. That said, I have nixed his suggestion for our next album recreation, Whipped Cream and Other Delights.
  3. Methimazole. This is the thyroid medication that has turned Mason’s life around. I give him a pill every morning and every evening and I’m so thankful that he has responded to it so well.
  4. Technology that makes my life easier. Email (I know, it’s so last decade) and texting and everything else that means I can multitask and get stuff done without having to actually talk to anyone.
  5. Pinterest. Seriously. How did we throw parties before Pinterest?
  6. 3 day work weeks. Seriously long weekend coming right up. Hoo-effin-ray.
  7. The generosity of people. Strangers and friends alike have contributed greatly to enable the COA to deliver 26 turkey dinners to local families who need a little help. It does my heart good to see this.
  8. Good Reads. My reading has increased exponentially since I started using Good Reads. I love it for adding books I want to read, seeing what my friends are reading, and reading their reviews.
  9. Cranberries. They support the town where I work. They are pretty and they bounce, they taste good and are good for you, too.
  10. Aflac. I completely forgot to file for our health and wellness benefits for the last 2 years. There’s a nice chunk of change headed my way right now. Woo hoo!

I’m sure you all have lots to be thankful for, too, and I’m looking forward to reading all about it – just make sure to include your link below.

Ten On Tuesday

Last month when Kym was here visiting she asked where Dale and I hang out. And you know what? I was stumped. I mean, we don’t really hang out anywhere. The question has been on my mind ever since, though, and it inspired this week’s Ten On Tuesday topic: 10 Places I Hang Out.

leaves and sneakers for carole knits

  1. My living room. This is probably where I spend the most time. It’s where I knit and read and watch TV. When I get sick of the living room I move to
  2. The den. It’s quiet and soothing in there. Sadly, I can’t spend all of my time in these two rooms and, since I’m dependent on a paycheck, I have to drive to
  3. The library. My office there is very nice, I must say. Every morning, though, I leave the library and head for
  4. The Council on Aging. I spend a few hours there, organizing stuff and working with the seniors in town and managing that department. Then I head back to the library before I finally go out to
  5. My car. Mostly the mustang these days although that’s going to change once the snow and ice start up. Sometimes I drive home to my living room but other times I drive to
  6. Town Hall. I’m on the building committee for our local library project and we’ve been having frequent meetings lately. It’s fun and exciting but my favorite part is when I get to go home and climb into
  7. My bed. Seriously, crawling into that bed at the end of the day is my favorite thing ever. I read and Dale and I catch up and it’s a few minutes of utter contentment before I fall asleep. On the nights when we aren’t home we are usually at
  8. Kiwanis. You know all about that. Or we go out to eat at
  9. The 99. It’s a small chain, the bartender is a friend, and the food is consistently good. On rare occasions when we want to have extra fun we go someplace like
  10. The Narrows. Or the movies. Or a different restaurant. Mostly, though, we stay home.

That’s my list and I have to admit it seems a bit pathetic. Still, I’m happy with how I spend my time and who I spend it with. How about you? Where do you hang out?

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Ten On Tuesday

This week’s Ten On Tuesday topic comes from Kym and it’s a timely one given my current location. Today I want to know what are the 10 Things To Shout When You Hit The Jackpot. Ready?

gamblers for carole knits

  1. Holy crap!
  2. Waaaaaa hooooooo!
  3. Yippeeeee!
  5. Next round is on me!
  6. Viva Las Vegas! (I might actually sing this one.)
  7. We’re in the money! (I’d probably sing that one, too.)
  8. Call work and tell them I’m never coming back!
  9. No, I don’t want to place another bet!
  10. Don’t tell the tax man. Sssshhhhhh.

Here’s hoping we ALL win it big!

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Ten On Tuesday

Our prompt for this week’s Ten On Tuesday topic was inspired by NaNoWriMo. No, I’m not confused, I know what we are doing is NaBloPoMo but this whole thing originally started as NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month. In the spirit of novel writing, I has asked participants to write (10 times) a sentence that would make a great first line of a novel. Get those creative juice flowing!

coloring for carole knits

  1. As she drove down the road headed west, she couldn’t help but think how different everything was going to be now.
  2. Her reflection in the mirror stared back at her and she wondered, who is that woman?
  3. The moon rose in the sky and the garden was bathed in beautiful white light.
  4. When I was seven years old I saw a unicorn in my backyard.
  5. The attic was stifling hot but that didn’t deter Emily from her mission: she had to find that trunk.
  6. The trick, he decided, was to just ignore the pain and keep putting one foot in front of the other.
  7. The knife in her hands, the biggest she had ever seen, was wet and sticky with blood.
  8. Sometimes, when I talk to the dead, they answer me.
  9. You have to get up early to see it, but there is nothing so spectacular as a beautiful sunrise over a beach in Mexico.
  10. I am old and tired now but when I was young I was a showstopper.

I have no desire to write a novel so don’t expect any of these sentences to go any further – but it was fun coming up with them and thinking about what kind of story might follow. I hope you all played along today, please include a link to your post below so that we can all come read it. As always, if you want to subscribe to the Ten On Tuesday email list click here.

Ten On Tuesday

Mary emailed me the other day and said she had an idea for a Ten On Tuesday topic: Ten Ideas for November Daily Blogging, or NaBloPoMo, as it’s fondly called. Now. I am in no way committing to blogging daily in November by offering this as a topic. I’m going to be out of town for part of the month and I haven’t figured out yet if I want to take this on, but, I think it’s a great topic and I know some of you may be looking for inspiration so here we go!

library oct 2015 for carole knits

  1. On Mondays post about your weekend. Weekending, as we call it, is a great topic for a blog post.
  2. On Tuesday participate in Ten On Tuesdays. Duh.
  3. On Wednesdays talk about knitting. Or not knitting and some other hobby like quilting or reading. In other words, Wednesday is hobby day.
  4. On Thursdays do Throwback Thursday. Show an old photo and tell a story about it. Repost an older blog post that you think was exceptional for some reason. You get the idea.
  5. On Fridays post a beautiful photo for Eye Candy Friday.
  6. How about Selfie Saturday with a selfie each week? You could do that on Sunday, also. I’m big on the alliteration thing for this stuff.
  7. I know one year we did Sunday Suppers and talked about favorite foods from our childhood or things we like to cook on Sundays. Another Sunday idea is to take a prompt from Kim Klassen and post a photo for My Still Sunday. We all love still life photos, right? I mean, I’m kind of crazy about them and I wouldn’t be able to do Project 365 without them.
  8. In general my biggest advice is take lots and lots of photos. You can be inspired to blog about anything if you have a good photo to start the post. Take photos when you are cooking, take photos when you are driving to work (pull over first, please), take photos when you go for a pedicure or to the grocery store – take photos and your blog posts will take care of themselves. Well, mostly.
  9. Visit BlogHer for writing prompts.
  10. There are also some excellent ideas here. I definitely see some inspiring ideas on that list.

And there you have it – plenty of ideas for a month of daily blogging. Are you in?

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