Ten On Tuesday

I was thinking, as I was writing my post on Fiber Revival, about what a great day it always is. And also, how it’s too bad it’s only once a year. And that got me thinking about Ten on Tuesday and lo and behold, a topic was born. Today we are talking about 10 Things I Only Do Once a Year But I Wish You Could Do Them More Often.

annual things mosaic

  1. Fiber Revival. It inspired the topic so of course it needs to be first.
  2. SPA. I’m not sure my liver or wallet could handle more than that one weekend per year but I’d give it a shot.
  3. Jimmy Buffett. Ditto on the liver survival. I do sort of wish there was a way to go the night before the concert and camp out – that would be bomb.
  4. Our vacation in Mexico. For right now, at least, this is an annual event. I’d be pleased to make it semiannual, though.
  5. Celebrate our anniversary. It’s always such a day full of special feelings and memories. Then again, we try and make most days like that. I’m leaving this on the list anyway, though.
  6. Experience the summer solstice. How about if this was 4 times a year – then we’d never have to have winter, right?
  7. The Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast. Sure, it’s a lot of work but it’s also a LOT of fun. And we make a lot of money!
  8. Go to the Marshfield Fair. I love a good country fair and, since we go on vacation right after the local fair starts, we only get to go one night. It’s this coming Friday and I intend to make the most of it: corn dogs and beer, fried dough and ice cream! Good thing I go to the gym more than once a year.
  9. Attend Tom & Anne’s St. Patrick’s Day party. It’s fun, we get to see lots of great people, the food is fantastic, and there’s lots of beer. Too bad St. Patrick’s Day only comes once a year.
  10. Christmas morning. I debated putting this on here because everything that leads up to Christmas morning is work and stress and spending. But Christmas morning, when it all comes together and my family is opening gifts in their PJs and sharing and laughing and drinking mimosas – well, that moment is pretty sweet.

That’s my list and I can’t wait to read all of yours. Be sure and click the button below to add your post. Sign up for the Ten on Tuesday weekly email here.

Ten On Tuesday

Thank you all so much for your kind comments on yesterday’s post about Dixie. Even though they made me cry it really helped to know that you all were thinking about us and sharing your stories and remembering your own pets, too. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it agin: I have the best blog readers ever.

Okay, moving on.

Today, because this week hasn’t been dramatic enough, my beloved husband is having hernia surgery. It’s an out patient thing and relatively common but still – we’re nervous and apprehensive. I, of course, will have the responsibility of sitting in the waiting room and sometimes I think that’s harder than being the person who is actually undergoing a procedure. And so, today’s Ten on Tuesday topic is 10 Things To Do in a Waiting Room.

dale west island june 2014

  1. Read. Something absorbing to keep you from being distracted by the noise of other people around you.
  2. Knit. When the distractions make reading too difficult.
  3. Listen to music. With headphones, of course.
  4. Check email. Because one must stay in touch.
  5. Check Facebook. See #4.
  6. Make lists for grocery shopping, work stuff and upcoming vacations. This works especially well if you have a smart phone or tablet with you.
  7. Peruse Pinterest. Sure, Pinterest is a time suck but you’re stuck in waiting room hell so why not waste some time on Pinterest? Plus, it’s pretty.
  8. Write thank you notes. Of course, this means remembering to bring notes and addresses with you when you go.
  9. Doodle. I hear it’s a great distraction but I’ve never tried it myself.
  10. Pray. I will be. Constantly until I know he’s safe.

Now that I think of it, I should have made this last week’s topic so that I could have gleaned ideas from all of you in advance. If you wrote a post for today be sure and click the button below to share it with everyone. And if you’d like to subscribe to the weekly Ten on Tuesday email simply click here.

Ten On Tuesday

This week’s Ten on Tuesday topic comes from Mary and it’s actually about . . .  knitting! Because, you know, it’s good if we occasionally talk about knitting. And so, today, I want you to tell me the 10 Patterns You Could Knit Again . . . and again and again. (All links are Rav links but you’re all on there at this point, right?)

repeat knits

  1. Carole’s Picot Edge Sock. I know I’ve knit this many, many times. It is my go-to sock pattern and I don’t have to think about it at all.
  2. The Ball Band Dishcloth. This is a necessity every now and again when the dishcloths get old and tired.
  3. Monkey Socks. Perfect for when I want to knit a sock that’s a bit more challenging.
  4. Feather and Fan Socks. See #3.
  5. Cedar Leaf Shawlette. I’ve knit 2 already and I’m sure I will knit it again. It works with lots of different yarns and it especially nice for handspun.
  6. Hitchhiker. Like the Cedar Leaf Shawlette, this one is versatile and easy and also looks great done up in handspun.
  7. Baby Surprise Jacket. It’s my go-to baby sweater. It’s clever and fast and can be made bigger or smaller very easily.
  8. Calorimetry. Fast and flattering and perfect for when you don’t want a hat but you don’t want something warm on your head.
  9. Everyday Cardigan. I actually need to make myself one of these in a smaller size. My original one is huge.
  10. Irish Hiking Scarf. I knit a few of these so long ago that they aren’t on Ravelry! It’s a great scarf pattern for a guy.

Wow, that was easy! I think it took me longer to add all those links than it did to write my list. I’m looking forward to reading your list of the patterns you can knit over and over again. Don’t forget to add your link by clicking the button below. And click here if you want to be on the Ten on Tuesday mailing list.

Ten On Tuesday

I love Kym for a lot of different reasons but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that one of them was that she frequently texts me with interesting and fun Ten On Tuesday topics. As I’m sure you can figure out by this introduction, this week’s topic did indeed come from her and it is 10 Thresholds You Cross Every Day.

carver public library for carole knits

  1. The one from my bedroom into the front hallway. This is generally the first one I cross every day, stumbling my way to the bathroom. On the way to the bathroom I also cross
  2. The one between the living room and dining room. It’s a double doorway so it’s long and it’s hardwood and I mostly don’t trip over it. The next stop from there is
  3. The one from the dining room into the bathroom. My eyes are almost opened by this point. And then it’s back across the bathroom one and into the kitchen where there’s just a tiny one so I’m not going to count it. After a few back and forths between the bedroom, the kitchen and the bathroom, it’s time to go to work and then I cross
  4. The one from the mudroom out to the deck. I get in my car and I drive to work and I hit
  5. The one from the staff door into the back hallway of the library. After this it’s all wall to wall carpet from there to my office, to the staff room (where I make more coffee), to the fiction area where I gather the books for the morning hold report, and back and forth until it’s time to leave the library and head to the COA. That is an old building and there are lots of thresholds. The first one is
  6. The one from the front porch into the front entryway. And then there is
  7. The one from the front entryway into the receptionist area. And then there is
  8. The one from the receptionist area into my office. My office here is wallpapered in dark green plaid. I have a fireplace and beautiful floor to ceiling windows and wide plank floors. It’s charming and completely different from the library. As I wander about this building and visit with the seniors who come here and talk to my staff I also cross
  9. The one from the receptionist area into the hallway that leads to the food pantry. The food pantry here is small but heavily used and very important to our community. After a few hours here I head back to the library, crossing the thresholds I mentioned earlier on my way out. My afternoon continues at the library but generally also includes a trip over to Town Hall to turn in bills, receipts and more. At that point I cross
  10. The one from the front of the library to the sidewalk and then the one into Town Hall. And that makes 10+!

This was a fun way to think about how I move about during the day and I hope you agree. If you wrote a post for today be sure and click the link below to share it with everyone. And if you’d like to receive the weekly Ten on Tuesday email then please click here.

Ten On Tuesday

Today’s Ten on Tuesday topic is one that will be slightly different for everyone – the assignment was to write 10 things about a piece of furniture that you own. I chose to write about my kitchen table and so, here are 10 Things About My Kitchen Table.

kitchen table for carole knits

  1. It first belonged to Dale’s grandparents. I am extremely honored that we are the 3rd generation to have this kitchen table.
  2. It has burn marks on it from Dale’s grandmother’s coffee pot. I find this terribly charming.
  3. There is supposed to be a drawer but it fell apart years ago and Dale has never gotten around to building a new one. I do wish he would, though.
  4. It is the place where we ate dinner with the kids every night when they all lived here with us. I couldn’t even tell you how many times I have set a dish of baked macaroni and cheese on that table. Or a platter of chicken. Or a simple grilled cheese sandwich.
  5. When Hannah was little she spilled her milk on this table. Every single night.
  6. One night I sat at this table with my good friend Sharon and we drank wine and dyed yarn. We spilled some of the dye on the table and the stains are still there. I love those stains and the memory that goes along with them.
  7. It is where I roll out pie crust. I always think of my mother when I do this and then I think of Dale’s grandmother and wonder how many pie crusts she rolled out on this table, too.
  8. It is where we put the mail when it’s waiting to be sorted. It’s where Dale leaves the newspaper until he has read it.
  9. It has a basket of fruit in the center. Usually there are bananas, often there are limes, and occasionally there are other things like avocados, apples and whatever other fruit is seasonal and on sale.
  10. It is scarred and gouged and imperfect and I wouldn’t trade it for a shiny new table for anything.

I hope you all enjoyed this topic – I really loved thinking about my kitchen table and what it means to me and my family. As Ali Edwards said in the post that inspired this topic, the things we own are pieces of our stories.

If you wrote a post for today be sure and click the link below to share it with everyone. And if you’d like to receive the weekly Ten on Tuesday email then please click here.

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