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Remember those poems you wrote as a kid? The ones where the first letter of each line of the poem spelled out a word? Acrostic is what they are called and I can distinctly remembering writing one of these for my mom on Mother’s Day. Anyway, I had this idea to sort of take the acrostic concept and adapt it for a Ten On Tuesday topic. Today I want to know 10 Words that Describe You and all 10 words need to begin with the first letter of your first name. Ready?

carole first grade for carole knits
me at age 6. I figure a post like this one definitely deserves a throw back photo

  1. Crafty. From the time I was a little girl I have always wanted to make something.
  2. Cute. I’m 50 but I’m still holdling on to this one with all my might.
  3. Courteous. Polite to a fault, some might say.
  4. Caring. Especially when it comes to my family and friends.
  5. Competent. 30 years doing the same job will get you this one.
  6. Complex. I’m a woman, after all.
  7. Confident. Mostly. Definitely about work and leadership opportunities. Not always about my appearance but I’m a work in progress.
  8. Cheerful. Almost always. It comes from living with the happiest guy in the world, it just sort of rubs off.
  9. Content. It’s the secret to a happy life and I embrace this wholeheartedly.
  10. Cool. I do drive a Mustang convertible, you know.

I had Dale help me with this list because otherwise I’d also have to include the word conceited. And, just as note, Dale thought this was a pretty clever topic. I crack myself up. Okay, okay, I’ll cut it out. bwahahahahahaha.

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Ten On Tuesday

I sort of can’t believe that yesterday was August 1st. And, as much as I love August (because Cape Cod vacation) it still leaves me with a touch of melancholy when it arrives because it means that summer will be drawing to an end. I know that according to the calendar summer goes well into September but, for me, once Dale goes back to school it feels like the long lazy days of summer are over. All of this is just a way of saying that I want to hold on to summer and savor the next 4 weeks as much as possible. I also want to make sure I’m doing those things I put on my Summer Bucket list back in June. So, for today’s Ten On Tuesday topic, I’m taking a look at that list and updating it accordingly as well as making plans for the things I haven’t gotten to yet.

gooseberry island for carole knits

  1. Make ice cream. I actually already did this last weekend. I bought, on Bev’s recommendation, the Kitchen Aid ice cream maker and it’s fantastic. I used Pioneer Woman’s recipe for strawberry ice cream and it was fantastic. I have made ice cream but only once. I need to do this again because it was fabulous.
  2. Spend as much time on the deck aka our summer living room as possible. It’s like having a whole ‘nother room and I love it so much. This one is a no brainer and we have definitely spent a lot of time on the deck, especially in the late afternoon and evening. I plan to be out there as much as possible until the cold drives me inside.
  3. Travel somewhere new. Happening soon! Definitely accomplished since we went to Michigan and Chicago. And that reminds me, I still owe you Chicago details.
  4. Swim. I’m a big fan of the beach but I don’t often go in the water. This year, though, I want to make sure I do. I swam in Lake Winniepesaukee when we visited Jo-Ann and Shawn and finally swam in the ocean this past Sunday. More of this will be coming up this month when we hit the Cape Cod beaches.
  5. Harvest my own vegetables. Our raised bed is off to a great start! You all know I’m picking cukes and basil and the tomatoes are starting to ripen, too, and it’s fabulous.
  6. Read. Lots. Get a cover all for summer book bingo as a result. You guys! I have read so much this summer! I only need 3 more books to get my Bingo cover-all.
  7. Visit Heritage Museum and Gardens. We went last year and had a wonderful time and this year they have an exhibit of costumes from movies that sounds fantastic. We have not done this yet and it’s not looking good since our Fridays are being eaten up by other plans. It could still happen though, maybe even in September.
  8. Go camping. Or, even better, glamping. Nope. But we did visit Tom & Anne at their camper on Sunday and that sort of counts. 
  9. Go to Lake Winniepesaukee to visit Jo-Ann and Shawn. Ride in the boat as much as possible. This one gets a partial. We did go to the lake but the boat was, unfortunately, out of commission. It was a fabulous weekend, nevertheless.
  10. Dine al fresco. I love a restaurant with outdoor dining, whether it’s with a beautiful water view or even just a few of the parking lot. Everything is better outside. We definitely need to up our game on this one and hit some of our favorite outdoor dining spots. Perhaps we’ll fit one in this week even!

I hope your summer is going along perfectly and that you are doing all the summery things you love to do. I also hope you’ll write a post for today and tell us all about the fun you are having. Include your link below so that we can all visit and comment. As always, if you’d like to receive the Ten On Tuesday email just click here to sign up.

Ten On Tuesday

It’s hot. And, while I much prefer hot to cold, it’s still nice to think of ways to stay cool when it’s this hot. Therefore, today’s Ten On Tuesday topic is 10 Ways to Beat the Heat. Let’s chill!

after feb 1 snowstorm for carole knits

  1. Find a friend with a lake house.
  2. Or a beach house.
  3. Or a pool. Convince them to let you visit and stay until the weather is comfortable again.
  4. Turn up the air conditioning and stay indoors.
  5. Sit quietly and knit.
  6. Or read.
  7. Eat cool foods like salads.
  8. And ice cream.
  9. Drink cool drinks like beer, iced coffee and iced tea.
  10. Remember that it will get cold again and you won’t be happy about that. At all.

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Ten On Tuesday

When Dale and I flew into Chicago and then drove to Kalamazoo I had a playlist of songs for us to listen to. Songs about Michigan and Chicago, of course. And it got me thinking – there are songs about lots of places! and wouldn’t that make a great Ten on Tuesday topic?! So, here we go with 10 Songs About The Place Where I Live: Boston (and also) Massachusetts.

back bay from charles river for carole knits

  1. Dirty Water by The Standells. This one says it all.
  2. I’m Shipping Up To Boston by Dropkick Murphys. Loud rock and roll, baby!
  3. Please Come to Boston by Dave Loggins. This covers a lot of geography but it starts in Boston.
  4. The M.T.A. Song aka Charlie on the MTA by The Kingston Trio. If you aren’t familiar with this one it’s definitely worth watching the video.
  5. Rock and Roll Band by Boston. A song from my youth and one of my all time favorite Boston songs – the band and the city.
  6. Tessie by Dropkick Murphys. Again, a video worth watching.
  7. Whoever’s In New England by Reba McEntire. Corny! But the video has some scenes from around the city.
  8. Sweet Baby James by James Taylor. It’s a stretch to make this about Boston but he does mention the turnpike from Stockbridge to Boston in the 2nd verse.
  9. Roadrunner by The Modern Lovers. This one is new to me but how could I not include a song that mentions not only Stop & Shop but also Route 128?
  10. Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond. It’s the unofficial theme song of the Boston Red Sox, in case you didn’t know.

I could have also included songs by J. Geils and Aerosmith since they are from here but I think that lists covers the best of Boston in music. I hope you had fun with this topic and wrote a post for today. Please include your link below so we can all check it out. As always, click here to subscribe to the Ten On Tuesday email list.

Ten On Tuesday

You know when it’s a long weekend that the Ten On Tuesday topic will be a recap, right? So, here is a list of 10 Things I Did This Weekend.

  1. Sat in Cape Cod traffic. I took us 3 hours to get from our house to Doreen’s on Friday afternoon. It’s normally a 70 minute trip. Luckily I was with Dale so the company was good.
  2. Had a great time visiting with Doreen and Mark. I love their home and spending time with them is a special treat.
  3. Bought myself some Cape Cod style bling. There are lots of rules when it comes to spending money at Eden Hand Arts but it’s worth the effort.
  4. Watched some Native American dancing.
  5. Had 2 wonderful nights in our yard with friends. One on the deck, complete with charcuterie and martinis, and one in the backyard, complete with a campfire and wine. Both nights involved unexpected company, which is truly the best kind of all.
  6. Went to a cook out at our neighbors. I love a party you can walk to! And we met other locals and made some new friends, too.
  7. Made red, white & blue deviled eggs.
  8. Read. I finished The Guest Room, Chris Bohjalian’s latest. I’ve been waiting forever for my turn with this one and it did not disappoint.
  9. Knit. But not much.
  10. Gardened. Picked basil. So much basil. And a cucumber. And pinched back the penutias.

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