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Ten On Tuesday

As I mentioned yesterday, I finished listening to LaRose over the weekend. Generally, when I listen to an audiobook, I do so strictly in the car. So, going back and forth to work, running errands around time, that’s about it. It’s maybe an hour or so of listening time each day. Not a lot but it works for me as I don’t mind if it takes a while to finish a book. Now and again, though, I listen to a book that I love and I want to listen all.the.time until it’s finished. That’s howw it was with LaRose and I found myself wanting to listen when I wasn’t driving. And that leads me right into this week’s Ten On Tuesday topic: 10 Things to Do While Listening to an Audiobook.


  1. Knit.
  2. Drive.
  3. Empty the dishwasher.
  4. Clean the house.
  5. Garden.
  6. Walk.
  7. Do your “getting ready” thing. Makeup, hair stuff, you know.
  8. Fold laundry.
  9. Get a pedicure.
  10. Fly on a plane.

That last one? The one about flying on a plane? That’s what I’m doing today because Dale and I are going to visit Kym and Tom! It’s not exactly a state secret; I’ve alluded to it here on the blog and also in some comments I’ve left over at Kym’s blog. But now it’s officially here and I’m officially telling you that the four of us are about to embark on a week of sightseeing, hanging out, fishing, beer drinking, reading, knitting (those last two might be mostly done by Kym and I) and whatever else comes our way. Woo hoo!

There may or may not be blogging on my part. And/or Kym’s part. There will, I’m sure, be plenty to follow on instagram. You can find me here and Kym here if you want to check out our adventures.

In the meantime, Happy Tuesday! If you wrote a post for today please include a link to it below. There won’t be a Ten On Tuesday post next week but I’ll catch you back here for sure on the 29th.

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  1. Have a great time!! I was just missing Michigan yesterday and it makes me so happy knowing you will be there soon! Take lots of pictures!! XOXO

  2. You and Kym will undoubtedly manage some fine mischief! Oh to be a fly on the wall. I am trying my first audio book in a long time and find it hard to concentrate. Hope that will be temporary. You and Kym (and of course Tom and Dale) have a wonderful week!

  3. Have a great time — how could you not?! I listened to a book on my spring flight to the west coast and back — best flying time I’ve had in a while! It was a solo trip, too, so even better.

  4. Enjoy your trip and surely you’ll get some ideas for more books to read.

  5. Safe travels and I know you’ll have a wonderful time! I ‘m looking forward to much shenanigans…and a bit of knitting/reading would be a bonus. xoxo.

  6. Have a fabulous trip! I adore audiobooks when I’m stuck at my computer editing large numbers of photos, my eyes are free but my brain is happy listening, and it keeps me from popping up and doing other things. I used to listen to them in the darkroom. (On cassette tapes, back when dinosaurs roamed.)

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