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Wednesdays Are For Knitting: Head to the Sleigh Hat

I mentioned last month that I was knitting a hat for Jackie.

The pattern is called Head to the Sleigh and it’s super cute. It’s also fast and fun.

And too big. Whomp whomp.

What the hell is up with me and knitting hats that are too big?

The good news is that it fits Jackie’s big brother Patrick. Yeah. It wasn’t just a little too big, it was a lot too big. It remains to be seen whether the 20 year old will happily wear a hat knit for a 1 year old but I’m a wee bit hopeful.

And I still have plenty of yarn to knit a significantly smaller one for Jackie.

I’ll be getting on that straight away.

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  1. Oh, no! That hat IS super cute (and it looks great on Patrick!). I’m so glad you’re going to try again for Jackie. Then . . . you can play “Who Wore It Better?” ?

  2. I’m giving you 5 stars for consistency!? In your defense, babies and toddlers have freakishly large heads. Go forth and knit smaller.

  3. That is a super cute hat! I can’t wait to see Jackie’s. I’m knitting a hat for Kate and I hope it fits!! Fingers crossed for us both…

  4. Oh boy… hats are one thing I have learned the very hard way that a gauge swatch is crucial. Good luck on try #2 – and I think Jackie and Patrick in matching hats will make a wonderful photo!

  5. The hat is great! And looks wonderful on Patrick. Hoping the next one is perfect for Jackie. I’m knitting one for me and I’m hoping it will be large enough.

  6. Patrick is rocking the hat! I’m a big hat fail girl especially when trying to get one to knit for myself. Oh well…it’s still fun right?

  7. Interesting to learn about this pattern as it’s in my stash. Hope your next attempt fits perfectly, that’s for sure. I LOVE this pattern.

  8. It’s still super cute! I love this pattern (reindeer are my weakness) and just saved it to my favorites on Ravelry. 🙂

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