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Three On Thursday

It’s May! Sure, it’s still chilly and we’ve had lots (and lots) of rain but still . . . MAY. I’m ready to welcome this new month in 3 ways.

  1. The Spiritual Rebels class that I’m part of has a different topic for each month and for May the topic is Intuition and the Body. We’re going to be focusing on loving and trusting our bodies and busting the things we’ve been taught by the beauty, diet and medical industry. I’m really excited for this topic and I’m hoping it will help me to not only embrace how I look but also use the tools I have at my disposal to feel stronger and more confident.
  2. Gardening! All of the work we did last spring on our front bed (with thanks again to the fabulous Kym for the design help and advice) is paying off – everything is coming up and growing. That also includes plenty of weeds and moss (one side of this faces north) but it’s so nice to be building on what we did last year and not starting from scratch. One thing we are starting new is building another raised bed. This one is going to be for cut flowers only, no vegetables, and I’m so excited about it because I have wanted a cut flower garden for a long, long time. I took a class last month to get me started and I’ve got a whole tray of zinnias, cosmos, calendulas, and sunflowers that are going to be ready to be hardened off and then planted outside by the end of the month!
  3. Outdoor living! Last weekend we borrowed Sean’s power washer and Dale power washed the house as well as the deck. He’ll be putting down a fresh coat of stain this weekend (I hope) and then the furniture will be out and we’ll be spending as much time as possible outside. Plus we will have a full season with our pergola and I cannot wait to (finally) host a dinner party under the pergola lights. I love when our outdoor living areas are usable, it’s like doubling the size of our house.

What’s making you happen about the month of May?

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  1. I am so excited to see what your garden does this year! It should really start to . . . creep and “thicken up.” (When you plant a new bed, the gardening adage goes like this: The first year it sleeps, the second year it creeps, and the third year it leaps!) And you are going to have so much fun with that lovely pergola! Oh, May! I’m so glad you’re here. 🙂

  2. I enjoy my regular volunteer commitments, but I’m ready for summer break. There’s a wee bit of burnout and I’m ready to recharge and do some other creative things by busting out my sewing machine.

  3. These are all great ways to welcome and celebrate May! I’m especially envious of your soon-to-be cutting garden. It will be lovely to have flowers inside and out!

  4. That May theme is a great one! Hope you will share some of the insights here. It’s something I really struggle with from time to time (usually when I also struggle with other things).
    A flower garden will be so beautiful! And yes to outdoor living! (that’s why we moved to a place where we can do it all year round)

  5. oh yay! so much GOOD STUFF happening in your part of the world. I love the cutting garden idea and look forward to seeing more about it!

  6. I am totally intrigued by your class, Carole. What a worthy endeavor! I, too, have always wanted a cutting garden, but I have never put in the work to do one, so there’s that – ha ha. I look forward to hearing about yours. And your pergola will be so wonderful to have. All great things, here on a Thursday!

  7. Cutting garden…so awesome! And May…please be awesome because so far…not so much! I guess the showers will bring the flowers!

  8. That class sounds really interesting. I do hope you’ll share what you learn! I’m also looking forward to seeing your new raised bed!

  9. All three of your “things” sound marvelous. April was so beautiful with the blossoming trees in full bloom, but May will be warmer and very welcome! I am so excited for warmer weather, which should be here for the weekend. I want to expand our living space, too! You remind me I need to get to the nursery and start planting my patio pots.

  10. I would love to have a garden specially designed for cut flowers. I’d also love a pergola, although it gets so humid here in central Virginia even the shade of a pergola won’t keep you close to comfortable.

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