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The Magic of Flowers

Back in May I told you that Dale built a 3rd raised bed for our yard so that I could have a cut flower garden. We had a super rainy spring and I was late getting my seedlings planted but I finally did and, while I didn’t have high hopes for them at first, they finally took root and started to thrive. And now they are blooming and I am cutting!

This is the first bouquet, I cut it last week.

It’s sweet and old fashioned and I love it. And the boot vase was something I bought in Maine with just this purpose in mind.

And this is the second bouquet, I cut it last night when I got home from work.

It’s a bit bigger and includes calendula, which wasn’t in bloom last week. The zinnias are my favorite, followed closely by the cosmos. I got this little vase in Maine, too.

The stems are short so these tiny vases are perfect and I’m truly enjoying have wee bouquets of flowers in the house.

Just like Kym says, flowers are magical.

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  1. You had great foresight in planting all those flowers. Even only seeing these photos, I’ve gotten a lift in my mood from their beauty and bright colors. I hope you have many more weeks of flowers!

  2. Magical indeed! I LOVE the little boot vase!!! I love to put tiny bouquets all around the house. It is always a delight to see fresh flowers here and there. XO

  3. These bouquets are so sweet and lovely! I hope you have flowers to cut and enjoy for the rest of the summer, and well into the fall, too.

  4. I, too, love that little boot vase! TOO cute! Having flowers indoors is such a simple little luxury!

  5. Such lovely bouquets! A cutting flower garden is one of my dreams, but indoor (or porch) flowers are a no go here because of my husband’s allergies. It would be fun to be able to give other people flowers from my own garden though.

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE! I’m sure those little bouquets make you smile every time you see them … and knowing you grew the flowers is just icing on that sweet bit of cake 🙂

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