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Wednesdays Are For Knitting: Disco Superfly Socks

I finally finished my current sock project, the Disco Superfly Socks.

I’ve been working on these since March and I am so glad to be done with them. I mean, I love them – just look at those stripes! And there’s glitter, too, which I failed to capture in these photos.

Matching a 12 color stripe repeat? Not for the faint of heart but I pulled it off. Mostly because no one does stripes like my pal Julia of Knitterly Things.

These will now go into the drawer and at some point (hopefully many, many weeks from now) I will pull them out and put them on and remember finishing them at the campground last weekend.

Happy memories all ’round.

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  1. Love!! Those colors are spectacular! (And, while I am no fan of the 90+ degree weather, I don’t want to have to wear socks for a LONG-ASS-TIME!!)

  2. Gorgeous! Love ALL the colors in them. I’m in the minority, I know, but I can’t wait to pull on socks and hiking boots!!

  3. I’m imaging the glitter in those colorful stripes! Hooray for a completed pair of socks to be worn much later. Maybe they’ll remind you of the warmth of summer while keeping your feet warm in a wonderfully colorful way!

  4. Lovely socks! Don’t underestimate the joy of wearing wool socks in the summer, too. I live in Louisiana, and they are comfortable even in the heat here. I find them a “must wear” when I’m headed for a doctor’s office, complete with frigid waiting room. An additional hint is that socks make “feet in the stirrups” at your annual check-up much better.

  5. Those look great!
    I constantly think i want to start knitting socks again, but I never do. Need to find myself some sock yarn!

  6. Love ’em. I just finished 2 pair of socks that I hope stay in the drawer for a while.

  7. They’re lovely, but I hope for your sake that they stay in the drawer for a while. Think of how cheerful they’ll be when you pull them out on a chilly, gray day!

  8. Perfect name for those socks! Nothing more satisfying than completing a knitting project, and just think about how great it will be to pull them out of the drawer in several months.

  9. I really like the colors in this sock. I’m using Bold and Beautiful for my current pair and I also have Cabin Fever on the needles. I just can’t get away from knitting your pattern and Julia’s yarn. It’s potato chip knitting!

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