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Wednesdays Are For Knitting: Geek Socks

I have a pair of finished socks to show you today  . . . the first pair of socks I’ve finished since July 2019. Remember how I used to knit a pair of socks/month? Yeah. That doesn’t happen anymore. So, a finished pair of socks calls for a little party!

The pattern is geek socks and the yarn is Knitterly Things Vesper Sock Yarn in the color Falling Water and I knit them for Jessica.

Super fun to knit and, despite how long it took me to finish them, relatively fast, too.

I knit my first ever after thought heel for these socks and, while I can’t say I enjoyed it (picking up those stitches on teeny tiny needles ? not fun) I do really like the way it maintains the striping. I don’t have close ups of it for you, though, because when I gave these to Jessica she immediately put them on and that was that. No more photos.

It’s all good, though, because knitting socks that are instantly loved brings me a lot of joy.

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  1. I love the colors in the yarn and that is a great pattern! (And hey, they didn’t take you 10 years like my last pair of socks!)

  2. Sounds like the time invested was well worth it. How many things bring someone that much guilt free joy?!

  3. Knitting socks for someone who will love them is indeed one of the best things ever! I love how they turned out! (especially the heel!)

  4. They look wonderful! Makes me want to start knitting socks again. I’ve knit some and liked it, but I never turned into the sock knitter I wanted to be. 😉

  5. Those are GREAT socks, Carole! No wonder Jessica put them on immediately. (And I would say that you’ve just . . . moved on . . . from knitting a pair of socks each month. And that’s okay. XO)

  6. I love that pattern (and that designer.) When I made the Geeks, I found them to be quite unstretchy, though – and I had to give them away. Sob.

  7. Very nice! Great job!

    I followed the link and was excited to knit my Must Stash Denali yarn using this pattern – until I saw the heel. I’m most comfortable in a heel flap/gusset sock, to the point that I’ll try to Frankenstein that heel into patterns I want to knit.

    I’m keeping the link, and think I’ll try it on a Knit Picks yarn (where I have less investment).

  8. I love how they turned out! In my opinion, if someone snaps up a hand-knit gift before you can get more pictures, that’s the biggest and best compliment you can get.

  9. Your socks are fantastic! Seams everyone is knitting a pair of socks lately. I love wearing them but not over enthused to knit them.

  10. I have knit afterthought heels before but I never knew that they would maintain the integrity of the striping. I learned something new today..thank you! Beautiful socks!!

  11. I have a few Ravelry project pages with NO photos for that same reason. We knit it, they wear it (they love it), we move on. Meanwhile, whoa, what a FUN pattern!!

    and ps. I finally caught up on yesterday’s post and had nothing new to add to the discussion, except to say – again! – how impressed I am with this community!

  12. I would not have given them back for pictures either! Those are some great and comfy looking socks, and you couldn’t have picked a better month to give them to her. Isn’t it fun when someone loves something you make or do for them? It feels so good.

  13. I love how this pattern changes the striping just enough to make it interesting and unique. I really don’t think that style of hill will fit me, but I might try anyway because the sock looks fun to knit. I hope it’s not too fiddly. Your recipient is extremely happy and that’s what counts!

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