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Currents: Mid July 2020

How about we talk about the things that are going on right now around here?

Knitting: Not socks! I finally (finally!) finished the pair I started back in . . . January? I didn’t document the start time but I finished the last pair in December so I’m guessing I started these shortly after. Yikes.

Reading: The Good Lord Bird. I can’t say I love it but it is interesting. AND I got two Bingos last week!

Listening: Last week I listened to Long Way Down and it is fantastic. It’s a short one and I really recommend it. Also all my usual podcasts and still loving Brené Brown’s Unlocking Us.

Eating: Local sweet corn! We had it for the first time for dinner on Saturday night. It’s one of the best things about summer!

Watching: Modern Love. I’ve had this on our to-watch list forever but I’d been avoiding it because I somehow thought each episode was 90 minutes long. Nope, they are 30 minutes each and last night we watched the 1st three. They are charming and lovely and I highly recommend this Amazon Prime series if you can get it. We also recently finished Little Fires Everywhere (fantastic) and I rewatched Big Little Lies because the first time I watched it was without Dale.

Suffering: tennis elbow. Or perhaps I should call it Nintendo Switch elbow. Yep. I think too much Animal Crossings is taking it’s toll on my left elbow. Ouch.

Growing: vegetables and flowers. Our garden got a very late start this year because of Dale’s accident but it’s catching up now. The zinnias I planted from seed are loving our hot and humid weather and are going great guns. I have tiny tomatoes and itty bitty summer squash and cucumbers.

Wearing: a mask. It’s hot and I hate it but I’m wearing it and you should, too.

That’s all from my little corner of the world this Tuesday.

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  1. Your socks are finished, and the length of time doesn’t count. And maybe you’ll have more time to knit if you’re playing less AC? (I was busy enough I didn’t play at all yesterday!) Enjoy the corn, summer, and your growing garden!

  2. Sounds like a pretty good summer all things considered. The math person in me feels compelled to point out that if you watch three 30 minute episodes, well, that’s 90 minutes. Ha-ha.

    Thanks for the mask PSA. So important, and it seems that evidence is growing.

  3. Mmmm, sweet corn! I recently started watching Schitt’s Creek and love that the episodes are short — sometimes I only need one, but other times, well, I just can’t stop. Have you seen it? I’m not much of a sitcom person (I think I OD’d in the ’70s & ’80s, plus re-runs of the classics… hard to top!), but I am loving it!!

  4. I just finished the audiobook for McBride’s newest book, Deacon King Kong. It’s the best book I’ve read this year, and the audiobook was so well performed!

    Something about the way the plots knit together felt natural and neighborly instead of forced. But that could also be me, missing my New Orleans neighborhood that felt a lot like the Cause Houses…!

  5. That corn looks delicious! I picked up some at Trader Joe’s today to have with steak tonight. Fingers crossed it’s good! Yay for garden produce.

  6. I just got some corn too and made a delish charred corn salsa. (What’s Gaby Cooking recipe) It certainly is one of the best parts of summer. Here’s to a quick fix on that elbow and a hell yes to the mask! (My NH border neighbors are not very good about it!)

  7. socks? I haven’t even been thinking about them! I do remember watching Modern Love, and loving it (maybe I enjoyed it more than Marc though). We are enjoying homegrown tomatoes (finally!) and salads. I’m sure I’ll get tired of them at some point, but while it’s “feels like 90bazilliondegrees” I think I’ll be ok!

  8. Sweet corn… oh man! That sounds so good! (maybe we will brave the farmers market this weekend…)

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