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When there’s nothing to write about . . . write about what you’re doing. That’s my fall back position, anyway, so here’s a post about all sorts of stuff.

Reading: Shuggie Bain. It’s not an easy one for me given the alcoholic mother, but I’m forcing my way through it because it’s really quite good.

Watching: We just finished The Morning Show on AppleTV+ and it’s excellent. With a cast that includes Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carrell how could it be anything but?

Knitting: this headband. I’m sort of between projects at the moment and it’s a good palate cleanser.

Anticipating: Dale’s second Moderna shot on Saturday and my second Pfizer shot on April 5th.

Planning: a mini getaway to celebrate our immunity!

Hearing: spring peepers, one of my most favorite signs of spring.

Seeing: red winged blackbirds. Another favorite sign of spring and they also spark great memories of my Nana as she was the one who first introduced me to bird identification.

Writing: Lists of blog post ideas. Clearly they are for future posts since I didn’t use one of them today.

Riding: The Peloton. Even on days when I’ve worked and then gone to a meeting and it’s 7:30 by the time I get home. I’m looking at you, Mondays.

Enjoying: A decidedly spring like feel to the weather. I know it won’t last, it’s March in Massachusetts, but I’m loving it.

Teaching: Jackie about flowers. He now identifies crocus wherever he goes and it’s adorable.

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  1. I’ll be interested in hearing your thoughts on Shuggie Bain. I’ve thought about reading it multiple times but have always shied away. You’ll soon be able to teach Jackie about daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, and dandelions!

  2. I started Shuggie Bain but it wasn’t the right time. I do think I will try it again. Thanks for the list. I haven’t done this in too long.

  3. I just got the notice this morning . . . that Shuggie Bain is ready for me to pick up at my library. I’ve heard it’s good, but it sounds like a challenging one! (Right up my alley. Just sayin.) I love that you’re teaching Jackie about flowers! XOXO

    1. Heading to stash to find some worsted for a Headband With aTwist.

      (Forgot about html bracketing)

  4. I have thought about reading that book, but I have not had any success in convincing myself. Alcoholic parents are a bit of a trigger for me. But when the time is right, I will get to it, hopefully. I also want to knit a headband, but I am convinced I will look totally dorky in it – LOL. Your time with Jackie sounds so special, Carole. What a way to stay in touch with wonder!

  5. I keep meaning to make one of those headbands — they’d be perfect for when I go out for my walks and it’s still chilly. And, you know, all the cool kids are making them. Here’s hoping none of us needs them too much longer!

  6. oh my goodness. I love that you’re teaching Jackie about flowers. a man who knows pie and crocus is gonna be A Catch 🙂

  7. Such fun things… every single one of them! (we are heading away just the two of us as well in April. Shhh! I wish we were going to see kids, but sadly the rules for Steve’s work have not changed)

  8. I love that you’re planning an immunity getaway! Can’t wait to hear more. Makes my heart beat a little faster just THINKING about getting out and about soon. So happy for you two to make the break!

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