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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly #7

Welcome to the newest installment of The Good, The Bad & The Ugly, brought to you by your friends at Carole Knits. Where knitting isn’t the only thing happening.

Good: Last week my stepdaughter, Jessica and I joined the YMCA in our town. We have gone and walked on the treadmill faithfully. I am determined to get my 40 year old body into better physical condition.
Bad: Now that I’ve told you, I can’t back down from this.
Ugly: So far, with the exception of one time, I’m always the fattest person in the exercise room. Sigh.

Good: I received authorization from Blue Cross Blue Shield for a zyrtec subscription until the year 9999. I might not need it for quite that long.

Good: We had new walkways put in at home. No more puddles and mud!

Good: The perennial garden is beautiful right now. I love the lushness of all the plants in May.
Bad: I can already see weeds!

Good: My prize winnings from Ann and Kay arrived. They signed the book for me and it’s fantastic.

Good: Knitting in the Suburban while Dale fills it with gas.
Bad: There are no words. This picture will have to suffice.
Ugly: The tank still wasn’t filled.

Good: My blog schedule. Did you even know I have a blog schedule? My goal is to publish first thing in the morning, Monday – Thursday.
Bad: Schedule disruptions! Hackers! Twice in the last two weeks we’ve had hackers attempt to get into the system and knitblog has crashed and then I can’t post.
Ugly: Me without my blog. It’s not pretty. If you don’t believe me, just ask Lauren. She knows exactly how I feel.

Good: A new haircut.

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  1. My! You have been busy! I love the look of your new walkways; just beautiful!

    And the haircut is great too!

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