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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly #6

I know, I know, it’s only been a week since the last Good, Bad & Ugly post but, honestly, other than Good, Bad, & Ugly, I’ve got nothing. Nada. And I’m too cranky to try and come up with something else that’s clever or witty or even remotely entertaining. So, this is what you’re getting. Sorry.

Good: Hannah is home from New York. She had a wonderful time and was bursting with stuff to tell us. Thanks again for all your encouraging words of support during this little trip. Feel free to tell me all of your school trip horror stories now.
Bad: The boy that liked Hannah apparently doesn’t like her anymore. (While this is a bad thing to Hannah, I can’t help but be relieved. Sorry, Hannah.)
Ugly: Hannah called her sister, Jessica, to discuss the woes related to the boy. Not me. Her mother. And I’m sure this is just the start of things she won’t talk to me about. Waaah.

Good: Wicked. It was wicked good. If you live in the Boston area and you can get your hands on some tickets – GO.
Bad: People bringing children to see this show. While it may be the untold story of the Witches of Oz, and therefore loosely based on The Wizard of Oz, this is not a performance intended for children.

Good: The second wedding of one of my dearest friends. Linda, the bride, and Tracy, the other woman in this photo, and I have been friends since high school. Linda’s first husband was a real ass and I’m so happy she’s found a wonderful guy for her second go.

Good: Blue Cross approved a Zyrtec prescription for me.
Bad: The paperwork hasn’t come through yet so I still don’t have allergy relief.

Good: Mim’s Seraphim Shawl pattern. It’s easy but very pretty.
Bad: Running out of yarn. This is my own fault for not using the recommended yarn weight but it’s still a bad thing.
Ugly: While Robyn at Red Bird Knits is able to get the yarn for me, it’s going to take 4 weeks or more. And, of course, this will make my $45 shawl a $90 shawl.

Good: To Do Lists. I love To Do Lists. I love finishing something and crossing it off. The sense of accomplishment I get at that moment makes me giddy.
Bad: Honey Do Lists. These are the lists I give to the hubbo for him to accomplish. The things on these lists generally get started but not often finished. Or, at least not finished according to my time frame.
Ugly: My reaction to the unfinished Honey Do Lists. You see, the major item on the list is to paint and wallpaper the room that we reorganized a few months ago. Painting is Dale’s thing but wallpapering is something we need to do together. However, Dale is behind schedule and the room isn’t ready for wallpaper yet. This means that I won’t be able to go to WEBS on Saturday and see Stephanie. Shouldn’t it also mean that Dale doesn’t get to go to a Civil War monument re-dedication on Friday? Shouldn’t both worker bees have to make sacrifices for the cause? You’d be correct if you surmised that this is the cause of my previously mentioned crankiness.

Good: Because I must end on a good note, some sky for Sandy.

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  1. Oh no! We’ll miss you on Saturday! Are you sure you can’t come? Anything you want from Webs that I can pick up for you?

  2. I’m glad Hannah got back safely. Even if this is the beginning of things she doesn’t want to discuss with Mom, at least she’s telling her sister who will most likely let you know if there’s ever anything to truly worry about.

    Hmmmmm…maybe some suitable revenge is in order for Dale. Or maybe not. A bad attitude could be just one of the myriad reasons I’m not married anymore. Heehee.

  3. Maybe just skip the wallpaper all together and still go? Just tell Dale – I’ve changed my mind on the ‘design concept’.

    ; )

  4. I love the picture of you and your friends! Nothing more fun than a good time with *old friends*.
    I’m glad to hear that Hannah’s home and had a good time. Now you can breathe again. Well, when the Zyrtec arrives.

  5. You’d rather wallpaper than play!? BAD grrl!

    I always ask Smith if he will do things on MY time clock or his? He knows that means they must be done sooner than later…but then he usually does what he likes anyway. Men…can’t live with them, can’t live…ok forget it.
    The sky pictures makes up for so much bad….sigh.

  6. I’m thinking right along the same lines as Cece… worker bees take a holiday. Also, tomorrow (or next weekend) is another day — and that room will still be there!

    Glad to hear Hannah’s home. Oh, the love life problems… don’t I know exactly what you’re saying!!!

  7. SO… if Dale get’s to go to his thing on Friday night does that mean you can go to Grafton? I’d be one happy girl if you can.

    You all look beautiful in the picture. You have THE BEST smile!

  8. You know, I think wallpaper is overrated. Really. Take another look at the room. Does it really need wallpaper? Or better yet, let Dale get his painting done, then let ideas percolate for a weeks or so. Simmer and gain flavour, if you will. You may change your mind altogether about the wallpaper now that the season’s changed, and really, do you want to have to re-do a winter decision because your spring mind thinks differently?

    This may be the weekend to go to WEBS and get inspired by beautiful colour and texture. Really. Wallpapering this Saturday could be disasterously premature.

  9. I love the picture with you and your friends!

    Wallpaper gives me hives. I think taking a break is a good idea. WEBS is much better than wallpaper.

    I sort of have a scary school trip story. I met my hubby on a band trip. I was 15 he was 16. Okay, even though we’re both from Alabama, we didn’t get married right away. We waited a month. I kid! I kid!

  10. I won’t be at Webs, either. But for different reasons. :o(

    Yes, I feel that Dale should miss out on something fun since you have to miss out on something fun. ;o)

  11. Would it help if I gave you both the weekend off from The Room? When it comes right down to it, it’s only a room. He has the reenactment and you have Webs. It’s not like they happen everyday, so go, enjoy yourselves. It’s ok. The wallpaper can wait.

    Note to self: Make a few of those HoneyDo lists for the Honey. He needs things to do.

  12. Yuck! Honey-do lists are right at the top of my Pet-peeve list. And yes, if one member of the team loses an activity, both members should receive equal treatment, especially if the one is the one at fault!

    Nuff said!

  13. Glad to hear that Hannah is home safe and sounds. Don’t even get me started on honey-do lists — you’ll see an ugly side of me 🙂 On a positive note, think of how cute your room will look — I just LOVE what you picked out.

  14. Now, wait a minute. I must have clicked on the WRONG BLOG. Carole? The person who made me leave my gardening duties to have a yarn afternoon with her? No way is wallpapering going to keep you from that. Hold if off for another week or whatever.

  15. Oh, good, you can’t go to Webs? Then you’ll be at Grafton fibers on Friday??
    Glad Hannah’s home safe and sound. Bethany is on her way to Philly as we “speak”!
    xoxoxoxo to you for all that daughter not speaking to you stuff. Don’t worry. It gets worse!

  16. Oh please! You’re honestly thinking that wallpaper is more important than knitting? Honey, wallpaper will always be there. Stephanie will go back to Canada and won’t be at WEBS again – at least for a long while.

  17. Yay! Hannah is home safely. And better she tell her woes to her sister than not tell them at all.

    Can’t that blasted wallpaper wait til next weekend?

  18. I’m with you. I vote that he should have to miss it too. No fair that he’ll have some fun and you won’t.
    Hope you get some allergy relief soon. Mine haven’t started yet. (knocking on wood as I type that)

  19. Um, Carole? You so need to go. I can’t go to WEBS or Grafton so I’m sending you in my stead! And have a ball!

  20. I say, go to WEBS – the wallpaper can wait.

    Glad Hannah’s home & safe. Sorry (for her) about the boy. Don’t stress about her not talking to you about the boy stuff – sometimes it’s just ickey to talk to your parents about certain things. (maybe you can remind me of all these things when the Queen Princess is a teenager!) Just be there for her. 🙂

  21. OK, the worst school trip story was the time I was chaperoning at the Ashland Shakespeare Fest and had to face a storeowner who caught one of my charges shoplifting; mind you this is another STATE, and I was afraid they were going to keep the child… glad your DD got safely back, and don’t worry, she will be telling you more than you want to know in five years, when it all swings back.

  22. hahaha………we have the same honey-do dilema that you have right now….LOL. Will the room ever get papered and painted, that is the question here….LOL.

    I have heard rave reviews about Wicked…..lucky you for getting to see it!

  23. For the record, i called my sister because I had talked to my mom already that day and not my sister. Plus she was the one who actually wanted him to ask me out, while my mom thinks im too young.

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