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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly #9

It’s been ages since I’ve done a Good, Bad and Ugly post. Really, I’m way overdue with this. But here you go. Hope you like it!

Good: Summer driving. The top is down on the Jeep and the wind is blowing through my hair and I’m loving it.
Bad: The wind is blowing through my hair. I spend most days at work with Jeep hair and it ain’t pretty.
Ugly: Unexpected thunder storms while the top is down on the Jeep. We drove home with puddles under our feet the other night.

Good: I’ve won a lot of prizes lately! There has been yarn from Karen
and stitch markers from Cece. And I’m expecting a prize from Christine, too. There was also the Amazing Lace Poetry Challenge win.
Bad: You know all this winning is bound to come to a screeching halt at some point.

Good: Eating locally. This is something we do quite often since our beef and pork is raised by Blogless Sharon. But now the garden is exploding and we’ve had our own squash and cucumbers plus local corn, too. It feels good to eat the vegetables we have grown!
Bad: Garden pests. I’m worried about slugs chomping the squash plants now.
Ugly: Weeds. Why oh why are there always weeds?

Good: Skinny-dipping. Remember skinny-dipping? It felt good. It was fun and freeing and just a little bit wild.
Bad: Opportunities for skinny-dipping these days are pretty rare.
Ugly: As my dear sister-in-law Jen (picture below on the left, Dale’s sister Lisa is on the right) pointed out recently, when you’re our size, you can’t really call it skinny-dipping. For us, it’s chunky-dunking

Good: Birthday socks for Jessica.
Bad: I have lots more socks to knit for upcoming birthdays. Hannah’s birthday is right around the corner. As is my daughter-in-law Heather’s. Plus the Toasty Toes swap. And then it’s Christmas knitting. Ugh.
Ugly: Deadline knitting.

Good: Speaking of socks, hand dyed sock yarn is pretty good. Mine looked like this, if you recall.
Bad: This is how it looks knit into socks, however.
Ugly: Is this a sock only a mother could love or what? I’m thinking it’s pretty ugly. I’ll leave the yarn dyeing to the experts from now on.

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  1. Its not ugly, its bright, or um, cheerful! You’re just used to your melding green/blues and red colorways. Love the chunky-dunking idea – why *do* opportunities to do this dwindle as we age – no fair.

  2. Mwahahaha, this was a great post. Jeep hair, chunky-dunking (sounds like a Ben & Jerry’s flavor), socks only mothers could love. Thumbs up!

  3. I think your sock yarn is knitting up great! I love the colors. Nice and cheerful. =)

    I miss doing the crazy stuff…it’s been a long time since any of my chunk has been dunked. I’m so overdue…

  4. Actually, I really like your sock yarn knit up – I think it gives the fabric a woven effect. 🙂 But anyway, Blogless Sharon raises your beef? Really?? So, do you generally not eat any store bought, steroid shot up, processed meat, or what? I’m intensely curious as to the hows and whys of your meat situation…. (um, you know what I mean.)

  5. Aww..I think the socks are cute. The colors just ‘dance’ a little more. As for the Jeep, silly Heather didn’t know for the first few years that there are drain plugs under the rug! Those Jeep-makers….so clever.

  6. I love how your yarn is knitting up, Carole!
    A terrible slug problem in my previous garden was solved with beer. Sink a few plastic bowls so that their top edges are flush with the dirt. Each evening, pour an inch or so of beer in the bowls and in the mornings, you’ll have bowls full of drunken and drowned slugs. Easy, if disgusting, solution.

  7. Good: The tendril’s in ths squash picture.
    Good: Lucky you with all the prizes!
    Bad: I want a Jeep despite the Jeep hair!
    Ugly: The sock could blind someone.

  8. Chunky dunking – I love it!! The sock? You could knit the other one and send em to me – I’d wear em quite happily!!

  9. Ah, colorful socks that only a mother could love…or a pre-teen girl. Knit them small…and find a 10 year old with cold feet.

  10. I love it! What’s wrong with that? It’s not even pooling. It’s a totally cute yarn.

    Plus, you know Carole, you’re just a *winner*. 😉

  11. Ooooh, that IS a bit loud, isn’t it? How about starting over in plain stockinette (always good for busy yarns) or perhaps using this stuff as the contrast yarn in a stranded project (mittens, maybe?) That might be pretty awesome, if you choose just the right solid shade for the background.)

  12. Very funny! I love the chunky dunking. And I’m right there with you on the deadline/Holiday knitting. It isn’t even August and I’m feeling pressure!

  13. LOL about the chunky-dunking! And I like your socks. Very appropriate when you are in a bold and beautiful mood!

  14. I always claim that I don’t do deadline knitting, ever. I used to be pretty good about keeping to that rule, but I did it for my sis for Xmas this year, and I’ll probably do it again this Xmas on the Laleli sweater for my mother.

    And I like the sock. I had a skein of really weird Opal that turned into what I call my Pretty Ugly socks. Sometimes I love them and think they’re great, but they’re really unattractive.

  15. Fun post. I don’t think the sock is ugly. I think its fun. Nothing wrong with bright every now and then. “Chunky-dunkin” made me snort tea through my nose – thank you very much.

  16. The chunky-dunking got a great laugh from me too… even though there are secret swimming holes where I could still jump in sans clothes, I just won’t as readily as when it qualified as “skinny dipping”. I can certainly relate to Jeep hair, too… Happy Summer all the same, and enjoy the superfresh veggies while you can.

  17. I hope you have bought a few lottery tickets during this lucky streak.

    I think the sock is pretty. Beats pooling all to hell.

  18. Jeep hair? You should do what I do. Cut it off and wear it spiked!
    As for the sock yarn. I think it’s pretty! I love all those colors.

  19. I think the yarn is lovely. Try the crusoe socks from Knitty, I think that might suit the yarn. Or you could send it to me, to love. LOL

  20. I chunky dunk! 🙂 Oh, and I LOVE the hand dyed yarn all knit up… much more interesting than anything I have ever dyed.

  21. I kinda like the socks, but they are blinding. If you want to tone it down, you could do some 2 color knitting with black, get that stained glass look.

    Please, no thoughts about holiday knitting! It’s too early!!!

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