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The Rhinebeck Post

Of course, the downside of not posting about Rhinebeck immediately following the event is that so many other bloggers beat you to all the good stuff. Nevertheless, I have stuff to say, even if you have heard it all before.

There are loads of things I could tell you about why the weekend was so special. Here are just a few:

Most important, it was FUN. Frankly, I have a hangover from all the fun. Shut up. It’s not from the wine.

Blogless Sharon is a wonderful traveling companion. She drives through rain without complaint. She stops for coffee at a moment’s notice. And she doesn’t even get mad when the co-pilot screws up the directions. I wouldn’t want to travel to a fiber festival without her!

I also want to say that Manise makes a great roommate. She sleeps on a sofa bed and doesn’t whine about it. She cleans up after a mega-party and still manages to crack jokes and smile. And she’s always ready to hold your bags or give you a hug. Or both.

I got to meet my “ring sister” Vicki. See, Vicki hooked me up with Dixie so I could get one of these oh-so-special-cable-knit-rings as a birthday present from Dale. I was so excited to simply sit at Vicki’s feet on Friday night in the hotel lobby. We chatted and gabbed like old friends. Must be the power of the ring.

There was hanging with my peeps – all Rhinebeck first-timers like me. Despite our lack of knowledge about the festival we still managed to find our way around.

We visited Norm Hall’s booth. No, Cheryl didn’t buy this wheel. Touching it had to be enough.

The blogger meet up was out-of-control! There were bloggers everywhere. Cara organized and Stitchy facilitated with the ingenious Blogger Bingo. I was a bit of a Blogger Bingo Slacker as I left my bingo card in the hotel room. But I wore my “I’m A Square” button proudly and did have a few people check me off on their cards.

I got a picture of Margene with Kate Gilbert and Tadpole. Too bad Tadpole looked down just as I snapped because she has the sweetest face – she looks just like her mama.

We also had a mini-Estes-Park-reunion while at the Blogger Meet Up. This is a lousy picture of me but I had to post it just because it’s cool to see Bakerina and Ann and Margene and me all together in New York instead of Colorado.

Manise is holding just some of the haul. And that’s Linda, sister of Judy, hiding behind her. Linda is just as fun and charming and smart as her sister and really needs to get a blog. Just sayin’.

Kathy and Martha bought this, their first fleece, together. Of course a first fleece has to be documented. I hope it’s the first of many, ladies.

After the close of the festival, there was a bit of a, errrr, gathering in my room. Laurie and I hosted this and we affectionately termed it “Winebeck” because there was a bit of wine.

And quite a few guests, as well. And cheese and crackers and snacks. Eventually there was even pizza, thanks to the organizational skills of Beth. We talked and laughed and knit and spun until quite late. I was completely flattered that so many people took time out to hang with us. And I was over-the-moon to meet Lee Ann and her family and the darling Julia of Vesper Sock Yarn fame as well as the eternally clever Anne, designer of Wing of the Moth. Of course I can’t list everyone but I am really glad all of you were there.

Had enough for today? Tomorrow I’ll show you the haul.

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  1. You won’t believe this, but I just saw a pic of you on Karen’s blog and I met you and didn’t even realize it was you!!! I’m totally embarrassed but I’ll just blame it on all the wool fumes! Glad you had a great time. 🙂

  2. It was so great to meet you. Lee Ann is right about your smile. It’s as big as your heart. Hope to see everyone again in Maryland…

  3. All I can really say is WOW! Lovely haul, lots of fun, can’t beat that and the great company and scenery. Are you sure you don’t want to trade. I’ll let you live in FL and I’ll live there for awhile so I can go to all these wonderful fun things! GRIN

  4. What a wonderful weekend! I love that the people you spent the weekend with loom even larger for you than the fiber you spent the weekend looking at. I’m rather sorry I missed it!

  5. Can I come to Winebeck next year? (she asked in a tiny little voice)

    Seriously, it was so delightful to have our Estes reunion on our own coast. We really need to do it again soon — and yes, I will indeed be in your neck of the woods in December. (Just sayin’… 😉

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