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SPA Friends

That there is a not-that-great picture of a truly-great group of women. Some of them I see frequently, some occasionally and some only once or twice a year.

And yet.

Every one of them is my friend. Every one of them gets the bond that exists among members of this fabulous fiber community. Our friendship exists because of a mutual need to create and play with wool. It also exists because we all have a healthy appreciation for snark and an underlying need to avoid all drama at all costs.

They are a fabulous bunch and I’m so very fortunate to call them mine.

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  1. And that it takes two tables to seat your friends says a lot. Nothing like good people who “get you” and love you all the more, because we humans are complicated creatures.

  2. Something funny is going on–your post from yesterday wasn’t on my iPad until today. Anyway, Spa sounds like an awesome fiber retreat. Your spinning is a beautiful potpourri of color!

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