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The Amaryllis Connection

I have more to share about Charleston – more food and flowers and fun – but those posts are going to take some time. Time to organize the photos and time to write about them and right now I just don’t have a lot of time. I’ve been busy at work with meetings and hiring people and more. I’ve been busy at home with socializing and book club and, well, reading. So for today I’m going to just share one photo from our trip.

This is an amaryllis from Magnolia Plantation. And I took this photo especially for the blog because so many of us grow amaryllis at Christmas time. Bonny has her amaryllis watch and Kym buys bulbs from special gardening resources. Kat grows them and Vicki grows them and Mary does, too. And yesterday Mary posted pictures of amaryllis growing in Florida that she saw while visiting her mom last week.

All of this is just another example of how our blogs connect us in amazing and wonderful ways. I feel so fortunate to be a part of this community.

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  1. People in Charleston and Florida might chuckle about how incredulous this seems to me, but these amaryllis growing outdoors are just amazing! I’m glad to be part of the blogging Order of the Amaryllis!

  2. Wow, beautiful! That is stunning! And, growing outdoors!! I am likewise so grateful to be part of this community as well! XO

  3. It was fun to watch everyone else grow amaryllis this year. I took the year off but will be back next year and may even try one from Kym’s source.

  4. Carole, we are so very blessed to have you! You are like sunshine in my mailbox.

  5. So beautiful !!! I didn’t realize they could bloom this time of year. In Ohio where I live they say only bloom at Christmas

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