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It’s a cliche but I have to say it: why oh why do the weekends go by so quickly? At least I can say that we got a lot done this weekend.

For instance, I grocery shopped.

Now. This is not a typical assortment of products I would buy. However, I am headed out of town this morning for a library conference and Dale will be on his own for a couple of days. These are the things he specifically requested I purchase. Yep. Triscuits. Cracker Barrel Cheese. Hot dogs. Burgers. Macaroni & Cheese. Cookies. That’s my guy.

Luckily on Friday night I was here to provide and we had some delicious pimento cheese along with pepperoni and cheese straws and other goodies. We were out on the deck and it was warm. It felt like full blown summer, I’ll tell ya, and I loved it.

Sometimes when we’re out on the deck at night we bring Mason out. He is strictly an indoor kitty but we feel bad that he’s in the house alone and he’s actually very well behaved out there. The deal is that he has to stay on the furniture and, despite the fact that his brain is the size of a walnut, he seems to get there. So far, so good, anyway.

On Saturday I was on a mission to get some outside work done and that’s what we did. We bought soil for the new raised bed along with lots of flowers and vegetable plants, too. I worked on the container gardens and Dale did some heavy lifting in the raised beds. We called it quits around 4, though, and settled on the deck for cocktails and shrimp on the grill. It wasn’t as warm as Friday night, though, and we eventually came in and caught up on some TV – Madame Secretary, to be exact.

We got up early Sunday morning and headed back to the garden store for a few more things, including basil, lettuce and some herbs to go along with the tomatoes, squash and jalapenos we bought on Saturday. We got everything planted quickly and I just love the promise of this photo – so much delicious food to come if all goes according to plan.

We spent the afternoon at a graduation party for the daughter of our friend’s Tom and Anne and then came home to relax on the deck and enjoy the waning hours of the weekend.

It was time well spent but it was time that passed much too quickly.

How was your weekend?

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  1. How quickly the temp dropped! I have to get caught up on Madam Secretary. I dropped off when new episodes stopped, then realized it was back.

    Safe travels, my friend!

  2. Ditto, Sean! Plus, the network keeps shifting times for the Madam, and we got lost.

  3. Your garden does look green, promising, and delicious! In our house, we call provisions like Dale’s “bachelor food”. (You might have forgotten the Doritos!)

  4. The weekend here? Too soon over! But, your garden looks so beautiful! And, I love that photo of Mason in the chair! Have a great trip XOXO

  5. Ah, that sounds like a pretty great spring weekend! I managed a few things, but mostly was slayed by a springtime cold.

  6. We had that lovely warm spell mid-week last week . . . and then POOF! it was gone. (Nice while it lasted, though.) Your garden looks so lovely and full of promise. XO

  7. Summer weekends go by so quickly because of all the fun things we like to do! We must garner all the fun and joy we can while the days grow in length!

  8. My weekend wasn’t nearly as productive as yours – nor as sunny and warm! looking forward to seeing all that wonderful garden bounty this summer. Sure looks like you’re going to be eating well!

  9. Weekends certainly do go by so darn fast, but your weekend is my favorite kind of weekend! Playing in the dirt and relaxing warm evenings. 🙂

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