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Read With Us: The Unsettled Ground Discussion

Ready to talk about Unsettled Ground by Claire Fuller? I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel like I read this book a lifetime ago. You too? Or maybe not. But either way, today is discussion day, not just here but over at Bonny’s and Kym’s, too.

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I have two questions with regards to this discussion.

How did the novel encourage you to explore how humanity deals with people who live on the edge of society?

As I was reading the book, I often had to remind myself that it was set during the present time. Something about the cottage and the garden and maybe even the setting in general felt old world to me. Did you have that same impression? Discuss whether you did or did not.

I look forward to your comments. And don’t forget, we’re doing a zoom session tonight at 7pm EST to discuss things . . . errr . . . face to face. Okay, not really, but you know what I mean. I hope to see many of you later!

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  1. I was constantly having to remind myself that this was present day! And I did struggle with the concept that people still live in this kind of environment. The more I thought about it this is something that could easily exist in my small rural town. Another reminder to be patient…we just don’t know what folks are living with or without.

  2. Yes, the setting could have been in any era. When Julius used his cell phone it was almost a shock that there was such a thing and I had to remind myself we were in the present era. Perhaps Fuller did this intentionally to show what poverty looks like through the ages.

  3. It did seem like it happened in another time while reading except for the reminders of present time. As Margene said, the cell phone was a reminder. Thinking about it, I can see it happening in rural areas. I have relatives in VT and though they weren’t rural, they were in a small town and I could see it happening nearby.

  4. I read the book when you first announced the selection and was so looking forward to participating in the discussion (particularly as I think I am in the minority of not liking the book). As it happens, life intervened with other plans for this evening.
    It did not feel old world to me, just a family stuck in time.
    Looking forward to your next selection!

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