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Read With Us: The Fall 2021 Announcement

The time has come, dear readers for us to tell you our next bloggy book group selection and it is . . . insert drum roll . . . Matrix, by Lauren Groff


Set in France in 1158, the novel tells the story of Marie de France, an orphan who is exiled from court and sent to be the prioress of an impoverished abbey. Little is known about the real Marie de France, which gives Groff complete poetic license to create a story of female power in a time where only men were valued. I only just started the book yesterday and I can already tell that it’s brilliant. Groff is an incredibly gifted writer (if you haven’t read Fates and Furies then make sure you read it right after this one) and she brings all of those gifts to this book. There are numerous articles on how she was inspired to write the book, the reviews are terrific, and it’s on the longlist for the National Book Award.

We thought long and hard about our book for this round but ultimately I think we made a great choice and I hope you will agree! We will be having our discussion on January 11th so you’ve got plenty of time to read this one, even if you might have to wait a bit to get it from the library.

I hope, between my post and the posts that Bonny and Kym are both sharing today, that we have convinced you to once again . . . read with us.

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  1. It’s a rainy day here, so I’ll be listening to Matrix, doing laundry, cleaning, and baking. (I better take good notes so I don’t forget too much before January.)

  2. Recognized the author’s name. She lives here in Gainesville. Will look into getting this at our local indie book store. Thanks!

  3. I was already interested in this one, so I’m glad you all have picked it and I’m looking forward to reading and discussing it!

  4. Groff has burned me before, which is why I’m super reluctant to dig into her new book. But this one keeps popping up from trusted sources. I might have to cave and read it.

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