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Eye Candy Friday


The shadows are lengthening and the ferns are yellowing. More signs of changes to come.

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  1. Ferns are so pretty, from unfurling in the spring, through their yellowing in the fall.
    I did an Eye Candy Friday, too. (Did you start this originally?)

  2. My changes are arriving around noon today. We had almost mid-60s yesterday — there will be snow measured in inches today. Presto Change-O.

  3. You know, I am totally impressed that you blog as often as you do 🙂 and your photos are so wonderful. thanks for the lovely eye candy.
    We’re having flooding out here, and all the plants are almost past their color.

  4. Love your pics…I just love this time of year. The colors are so vibrant and there’s always a promise of renewal in the Spring!

  5. I LOVE fall. I also have a fall colors ECF post. nature talks, its best to listen…
    I can almost hear the crisp sound of your feet as you walked over to photograph this.

  6. Very pretty pic, Carole. I hate it when the days begin to shorten. I’m a wreck till winter equinox. Glad it’s warm here,

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