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Eye Candy Friday


Bittersweet. What an appropriate name for a plant that signals the coming of winter.

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  1. Great photo! We have lots of it in our yard too. (No, they’re not edible. I don’t think they’re poisonous, just not very tasty.)

  2. I love that stuff! I didn’t know what it was called though. When I was a kid we had that growing around our house. My brother and I throw it at each other. It can be really messy. *L* Good Times. 😉

  3. Well – come forth with more information, oh wise librarianish one! hehe I guess we could google but it’s so much more fun to ask you if it’s edible and whether it’s good for anything other than decorating and throwing at your brother. 🙂

    Beautiful photo!

  4. Their name matches my feelings as we move from the time of light to the time of darkness. It is weeks til the solstice and the light begins its return and months til it is warm again, but the consolation is more time to devote to spinning and knitting. Lovely photo.

  5. I just stumbled upon your blog from a google for sock blockers. LOL Funny! We have a lot in common – I’m a librarian, love to knit socks, love to re-enact (but I do Mountain Man Rendezvous – pre 1840) and love God. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and will probably be back! Hope you’ll visit my blog, too!

  6. You know, I haven’t seen those “berries” since I lived in Weymouth (I still live in Massachusetts but for some reason, in the town I live in, I haven’t noticed those “berries”) as a little girl. I can’t explain how that picture makes me feel. Nostalgic I guess. I grew up in a neighborhood with a huge amount of kids. We would play outside all day, everyday, no matter what the season was. We used to play “house” and those “berries” were part of our “dinner”. Of course we didn’t eat them, or the acorns or the mud pies, but we did have so much fun. Thanks for jogging my memory today, I’m going to go call my closest friend now and reminisce.

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