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Eye Candy Friday


Every year for Christmas my sister-in-law Mary makes me a wreath. She gathers the greens and the other decorations herself and always comes up with something spectacular.


This year, she has outdone herself. Thanks, Mary.

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  1. That is beautiful.! My mother made wreaths every year for me, her sister, ex-sister-in-law and one for herself too to hang on our doors outside. She used grapevines as her foundation frame and added various evergreens (firs, incence cedar, juniper), boxwood, pine cones, small brass bells, a few tiny Christmas gold balls, a head of garlic for health, various wooden carved animals (toads, ducks), dried lotus blossom seed heads, winterberry all held together with floral wire. Then she added a bow usually wide wired velveteen ribbon and never in that gawdy Christmas red that one finds- shades of plum, deep rose or maroon. When I cleaned her house out I found all her wreath making supplies. She showed me her method of constructing the wreaths last year and I hope to carry on that tradition starting next year.

  2. Lovely wreath. That house ain’t got nothing on some of the beauties around here. MA is way too tame. Kevin likes that Yuengling beer also. I am a Michelob girl. 🙂 Have a great weekend.

  3. It’s beautiful! What a lot of work she did one it. I tried to make a wreath myself this year for the first time and it was not as easy as I’d thought. My result is nowhere near as nice as that one!

  4. What a beautiful and thoughtful thing for your SIL to do not just for your but for your whole family. I’m sure everyone really enjoys having the wreath and looks forward to receiving it each year.

    Great comments – great commenters – I’m really laughing about Manise needing her own blog. hehe

  5. Oh wow, that’s beautiful! I wish I could make pretty things like that — too often I just end up with a mess of a glue and some construction paper and pine cones in a little heap. Mary’s got a talent.

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