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One Little Kitten


Like the kittens, I have lost my mittens. They were very nice mittens. They were brown and knit with bulky yarn from the pattern in the book Weekend Knitting. They matched my red wool coat with brown fur trim just perfectly.

I hadn’t even shown them to you yet because I hadn’t been able to obtain good light and a photographer at the same time. Not to mention that we haven’t exactly been having mitten weather here in Southeastern Massachusetts. All that was about to change yesterday, though. I asked Dale if he’d take some photos of me wearing these new and very warm mittens and he said, of course. I was ready to go out the door and I grabbed my red coat but there were no brown mittens in the pockets. I searched through the basket of hand knit scarves and other mittens and there were no brown mittens. I searched the pockets of every winter coat I have and there were no. brown. mittens. I headed to work wearing purple mittens with my red coat with the brown fur trim. Such a disgrace for a knitter to not have mittens that match her coat.

While at my meeting I debated where the mittens could be. I became convinced that they were in a certain bag, one I hadn’t seen for a while. Once home from work I searched for that bag. No brown mittens. I have looked in every place I can think of and I have not found my new brown mittens. Sigh. It just absolutely figures that we finally have weather cold enough to wear these mittens and now I’ve lost them. Just like the three little kittens.

I wouldn’t even mind so much except now I shall have no pie.

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  1. If you’re anything like me, they’ll turn up in some bizarre place when you least expect it, like in June! My cats take off with all my hand knits. I hope you find them soon!

  2. That’s so sad. I lost my favorite silk/merino scarf at the airport over New Year’s. It stinks to lose loved handknits.

  3. Interesting about how there were no commments about the book. I had that book when I was just a wee one. One of my favorites! The sock monster may have gotten them. If this is the cold hard truth. . .they are gone forever.

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