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Eye Candy Friday


4 ° this morning. Brrrrrrrr.

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  1. Brrr indeed! It’s 3 degrees here and am my old tired body is not thrilled to take the puppy out to pee. Have a good weekend!

  2. No, no. Not “brrrrr.” The proper response is: Hmmm, time for a fire in the fireplace, call in sick to work, get out my knitting, a book, some tea, and a cozy afghan. See? The glass is soon half full.

  3. I like Amy’s “glass half full” perspective!! Beautiful picture and BRRRRrrrrr…. 4deg is pretty cold! It’s been cold here but not that low. Have a nice weekend Carole!! 🙂

  4. That would be an awesome colorway: Deep evergreen shifting to lighter green and smatterings of white. Lovely!

  5. Ack! 4 degrees!
    Stay warm and curled up with a good book or knitting. I’m so glad it’s warmed up where I am, in the 40s (hey, 50 in the sun!)

  6. It was 7 when I got up this morning . . . brrrr!

    (And, no, Chappy did NOT get a walk today–but I did get a chance to wear my Celtic Dreams to work!)

  7. Ack! That is cold… we don’t get such low temps every year, but the lows in the teens and down to 7 a few weeks ago were bad enough. Pile on the woolies.

  8. And I take it that’s not Celsius. We complain here when it hits 4C. Such weather wimps we are here on the West Coast.
    Rusting in Vancouver,

  9. (and back atcha, girl; I think every person there stood in for tons of friends and family)

    We left in the horrendous colditude of nose-hair-freezing, and are now in the balmy, beach-type 40 F. of DC. Weird. On the plus side, we were definitely over-prepared with hats and gloves and layers and whatnot.

  10. Very pretty Carole. This is the ONLY time of year worth living here and it doesn’t last. I still get wooly thoughts though. Thank heavens I grew up in the north or I’d have no sense of season whatsoever.

  11. Brrrr indeed. It’s only supposed to be about 4 degrees or less here tomorrow and this week, as well. My husband and I do a lot of camping in the summer and spending a night with a cold beer and a campfire right about now sounds just way too good to be true. Stay warm!

  12. Hi Carole. I happened to find your blog and I very much enjoy it. This is Matt Gilbert, now residing in Orlando, FL until May 18. I’m doing the Disney College Program down here, working in the parks and taking classes. I hope all is well at home in EB. I wish you and your family the best. Take care! (and stay warm!)

    ps- tell Hannah I said good luck with that school musical!

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