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Eye Candy Friday


Dale, Brant and Luke planted this flowering crabapple tree for me on Mother’s Day 3 years ago. It’s still pretty small but it’s lovely when it’s in bloom. Right now it’s thisclose to bursting into flower.

Happy Weekend, Happy Mother’s Day, Happy Spring. That should cover all the bases, eh?

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  1. A lovely lasting gift that gives year after year….brilliant!
    You are about a month behind us in blossoms…amazing. You’ll show it in full bloom, right? Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!!

  2. Beautiful! It’s funny, we’re about a week ahead of you. Or maybe that tree doesn’t get as much sun as ours? A fairly big white one in our back yard is in full bloom. We had nothing to do with it, it just sprang there.

  3. I was just noticing all the crabapples ’round here on Wednesday — they are positively LADEN with flowers this year, couldn’t smush another blossom on the branch!

    Happy Mother’s Day, Carole!

  4. Right back atcha. 🙂

    I need to take a picture of the flowering tree outside our house. I think it’s some kind of dogwood, but I’m not certain. It has tiny, hot pink flowers and is in full bloom right now.

  5. Happy Mothers’ Day! Hope you have fun at the festival; I can see you have been busy making room for more stash acquisition and look forward to pictures of what you find. For some reason, I couldn’t scroll all the way down to post a comment below the fab spinning pictures, but I am VERY impressed with your productivity, grrl!

  6. Love, love love flowering crab apple. The rose garden in the Fenway is surrounded by flower crab apple trees and they were just in bloom a few days ago. If you blink you miss the full flowering, but I was lucky to see it in full sunshine. It’s an amazing thing!

  7. What a lovely and lasting gift, a tree! 🙂

    The night after you replied to my commment of ignorance to what steamers were, I watched a movie with a scene where a young boy ordered steamers. I felt so smart when I knew what he meant. If I’d watched it the day before, I’d still have been clueless!

  8. The color of the leaves is really pretty – a reddish/greenish. What a nice gift for them to give you!

  9. I love crabapple trees. I have a weeping crabapple in my front yard (also a mother’s day gift years ago) with buds just about ready to open into the lovliest flowers!

  10. Ours is in full bloom. It hangs over the deck & I had coffee & knit under it this morning, breathing deep.

  11. Hey, thanks for recommending The Thirteenth Tale awhile back. I’m a little over halfway through–I love it!!!!! (and I’m picky.)

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