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Eye Candy Friday


Last year I had poppies on Memorial Day. This year, two weeks past Memorial Day, I still only have buds. Global warming? Perhaps, but at least this way I can still anticipate beautiful flowers.

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  1. Seems like more of a freeze. Have a great weekend — are you going up to Fiber Frolic? Sadly, I’m not.

  2. Love the papery thin texture of the petals caught in the act of unfurling against the dew below and the prickly/ fuzziness of the leaves. Beautiful! Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Look how red that red is. Make sure you show it fully bloomed too! Most of our flowers are fading and only the annuals (which are just being planted) have much to show (and more to come) 😉

  4. Beautiful! My poppies are in full bloom but they are located on the south side of my house in full sun. Have a great weekend.

  5. I have to find a spot in my yard that poppies will like. I’ve been enjoying some in the neighborhood! Do show us when it opens!

  6. It will be spectacular when it opens. I have some pink poppies. They just started blooming this week. I love the papery petals they have and the seed heads are just as interesting as the flowers.

  7. As my dad said, this was the first year he could remember in a long time that we had an actual Spring . . . weeks of temperate, Spring-y weather, rather than jumping immediately from winter to summer. That’s fine with me! I’ll wait a little longer for the flowers, really . . .

  8. That’s odd… mine are pretty much over and done with by this point.

    But more importantly, what about the new wheel?!… Hmmmm?…

  9. The poppies have been nuts around here for probably about two weeks now. I don’t know when the norm is for them to be out here though. We’ve had unusually cool and wet weather so far this year though.

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