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Eye Candy Friday


I can’t believe it’s Friday already! A week of vacation sure goes by faster than a week of work.

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  1. But it’s more enjoyable when you take others along. Thanks for taking us with you on vacation, Carole. I had a grand time!!

  2. Carole,
    What a strikingly beautiful picture. It’s amazing how photography gives us the chance to look up close at what we might not take the time to see. It’s hard to believe tiny Baby Blues Eyes are this lovely.
    You’ve inspired me to learn to use my digital camera that’s been sitting in a box for a few months.

  3. I’ve been meaning to ask if all of the beautiful flowers in your photos are from your yard. They’re all so pretty!

  4. Oh, I second that. No, wait. My last vacation involved heat, humidity, and two whining teenagers. Never mind.

  5. This week went by entirely too fast for me too. I can’t believe its the weekend already.. better yet, I can’t believe its JUNE already! (I hope to type out the fry bread recipe for you later today or tonight too!)

  6. Thanks for taking the time to post your lovely flower photos. I have a black thumb 😉 so I have to live vicariously through other people’s gardens. Happy weekend!

  7. Happy June!
    The photo of the Veronica is beautiful. That little ground hugging creeper is one of my favorite varieties.

  8. What a beautiful photo! I hope you got to at least dabble in all your favorite things over vacation. Have a restful weekend – work will still be there on Monday so don’t even think about it now!

  9. After a long week, your vacation pictures were a lovely welcome back to blogland! Gorgeous flowers!

    Perhaps this might cheer your return to work? I posted this on my blog, and Dave at Cabin Cove suggested you might enjoy it: I’ve been working in my university’s library this week, pulling old books off the shelves so that their bibliographic info can be updated. Pretty exciting, I know. It’s not the most stimulating work I’ve ever had, but that IS the point. Anyway, I opened up some old book on D.C. and saw a bookplate in the front, dated in the 1930s, that said:

    This book was stolen. It was recovered, and the thief was sentenced to two years hard labor.

  10. Vacation weeks go by so much faster than work weeks, don’t they? I hope you had an enjoyable one!

  11. It’s been a week already? Damn, time goes by too quickly.

    What beautiful blue flowers–thank you for sharing them with us!

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