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Eye Candy Thursday

Presenting: Eye Candy Friday – The Thursday Edition. Because, truly, I have nothing for today. Besides, if Kristi can do ECF early then so can I.


I took this photo last week at the Cape. At the beginning of our week we vowed to take a walk every night but between a bit of rain or a bit of company we didn’t actually do it every night. The nights we did were wonderful, though.

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  1. Carole, congrats on your weight loss. Beautiful picture…I would really like to know the yarn you used in the dish rag you featured yesterday.

    Continue the good progress!

  2. Or are you really early for Saturday? ;^)

    Beautiful photo, Carole. I hope last night went well and that today is a happier day. *hugs*

  3. Hey–if Dave can do his own version of ECF on Tuesday, you can have yours any day of the week!

    And, of course, another gorgeous photo!

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