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On Friday I took Hannah for her back to school haircut. Truthfully, she didn’t come out looking all that different than when she went in, but she’s happy and in the life of a teenager that’s a very big deal. So while I sat and waited for her, I was knitting. And I overheard this conversation between one of the other hairdressers and her client.

Client: Look at my daughter’s black eye! The Harry Potter book fell of her bookshelf in the night and hit her in the face.
Hairdresser: Oh my goodness. Looks like Hermione is coming to get you, sweetie. (she hums the Twilight Zone theme at this point.) She wants to take you to Hogwarts with her, I bet.
Client: You know, one of my friends visited Hogwarts.
Hairdresser: It’s a real place?
Client: Oh yes! The name is different but it’s a castle just like in the books and they teach magic to young witches and wizards.
Hairdresser: I had no idea. Well, my brother actually has copies of all of the Harry Potter books from the 1960s when J.K. Rowling originally wrote them.
Client: Really?!?
Hairdresser: Oh yes! They aren’t in book form like we see them now, they are, what’s that word? Manuscripts! Yes, manuscripts. He has manuscripts of all seven books from the 60s.
Client: Wow. That’s really amazing.

Ummmm. You can imagine the difficulty I had keeping my mouth shut. Hogwarts is a real place? The hoopla over Bridges of Madison County being “real” was bad enough. Now people are claiming that Hogwarts is real? Oy. Copies of the books from the 60s? J.K. Rowling was born in 1965. Is she supposed to have written the books when she was a toddler?

How stupid can people be? Discuss.

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  1. Though you couldn’t laugh out loud right at the moment, bet you had a great guffaw or two later. Yup, they can be pretty durn stupid.

  2. LMAO! How stupid can people be? Well, I find they can surpass our wildest expectations! And there’s no cure for it, either.

  3. I had to read the conversation about 3 times to have it actually sink in that they actually said what they said! I love reading the other comments, too!

  4. If she is trying to pass that load of crap off at truth, can we really believe the daughter got the black eye from a book???

  5. Today I finished The Amber Spyglass.

    My favorite quote:

    All the history of human life has been a struggle between wisdom and stupidity.

    And BTW, I doubt there is a book I despise more than BOMC. You hit the nail on the head, sister. I worked at a bookstore when it came out and I don’t know to how many people I pointed out that the book is a NOVEL. See? It says so, right there on the spine.

  6. I am a teacher. Most of the kids are really pretty smart on various levels and in various ways. I also deal with their parents. There is no limit to how stupid adults can be. No limit. None.

  7. Okay, my stupid kitten just jumped on the delete key and erased my comments about back-to-school, Monkey socks, and county fairs. It was all good.

    This exchange at the hairdresser’s cracked me up. The difference between you and me is that I would have said something. I am rarely confrontational or rude, but I would have at least said something about JKR’s birthday, loud and laughing. Not that it would have been well received….

    Too funny.

  8. Now the bit about Hogwarts being real? I totally get why someone WANTS to believe. I WANT to believe. I want to GO! or at least to be able to send my kids. No… I want to go.
    but books written in the 60’s??? What, she has a time turner now? all those hours in the coffee shop were augmented by jaunts to the 60’s where/when she wrote it up and stashed it somewhere?
    How is it that people were generally so much smarter w/ 8th grade educations than they are now w/ H.S. diplomas? My grandmother (8th grade graduate who then went to work) was WAY smarter than these folks. And I”ll bet they have their diplomas.

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