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Eye Candy Friday


Behold the glory that is the library’s Christmas Thanksgiving Halloween Cactus.
I hope you all see gloriously beautiful things this weekend. Even if they aren’t seasonally appropriate.

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  1. Beautiful…last year mine bloomed at Halloween, this year I have ONE bud and it looks like it’ll be ready by Thanksgiving! Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

  2. Very pretty! Mine usually only bloom when I put them out on the patio for the summer- I guess I don’t get the right light indoors. Summer cactus… yeah, okay.

  3. Beautiful! My mother has a Christmas cactus, Easter cactus, Thanksgiving cactus… who knew there were so many types that bloomed at different times? I’ve never had any luck with them, though.

  4. What a nice change! Everything here is dead and it snowed three times so far. And all my house plants are dead. I’ve tried everything, I think they just knew the inevitable was in sight and they got it over with. 😀

  5. (sniff) It’s beautiful. It’s such a shame mine never blooms anymore! As in, it’s been at least 10 years, although it taunted me by casting a bud last year, which promptly fell off . . . sigh.

  6. Now there’s a cactus with a sense of humor. (Or else no sense of time.)

    Tomorrow night we’re seeing our local high school’s production of The Laramie Project. I’m not sure if beautiful is exactly the word, but we’ve heard that it’s very well done. (As an Extra Added Bonus, with luck we’ll get to stick our tongues out at Fred Phelps.)

  7. oohh pretty! i’ve always kind of wondered why they’re called christmas cactus – my mom’s always blooms early or late–it’s starting to bloom right now, in fact. one of those mysteries of life, i suppose.

  8. I have killed more Christmas/Thanksgiving/Easter cacti than I care to remember. But I love them all; anything that blooms so beautifully during the time of year when we need it more is a marvel.

  9. These Cactus are ‘short day’ bloomers. Technically what they need are ‘long nights’ without lights. This is what triggers flower setting. Then a little extra water is also good. My mother got a ‘Christmas’ Cactus from a neighbor and for five years or better it didn’t bloom. My mother finally said (in its presence) that she was going to chuck it. It flowered that year for Easter. Then she figured it out and gave it a southern window in a room where the lights weren’t on too often at night. She got blooms regularly for Christmas. Me. I water them wrong. You’re is certainly lovely.

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