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Eye Candy Friday


I have always said that if I ever won the lottery – and that would be a true miracle since I don’t actually play the lottery – that one of the first things I would do would be to set up weekly flower deliveries. I adore fresh flowers, they make my world a better place. The roses are from the bouquet Dale gave me for Valentine’s Day. He makes my world a better place, too.

What makes your world a better place?

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  1. Those are gorgeous. My hon likes to send me flowers for no reason at work, though it has been a while! What also makes my world a better place? Having such supportive and encouraging family, fo’ sure!!

  2. Oh, I love flowers too. I would usually have a bouquet of mixed flowers from my yard sitting on my desk at work all summer so I could enjoy them.

  3. I always say if I won the lottery I’d hire someone to wash my hair and give me a scalp massage every morning. But flowers wouldn’t be bad, either! Lucky you.

  4. My Meezer makes my day better…tho’ she’s developed the unsettling habit of snuggling onto my lap in the morning as I drink coffee – and I have to scoot her out to go to work…
    Sulking Siamese isn’t a happy sight!

    YOUR roses are GORGEOUS! What a thoughtful hubby!

  5. If I were Marcia, I would keep my grandchildren indoors at all times. Those deer sound vicious.

    Seriously… beautiful roses. My husband, my kids, the cats (often), the fact that my parents live in Yarmouth and have wifi, and bloggers like you :).

  6. What makes the world a better place? You mean BESIDES eye candy Friday? Appreciating what the world has to offer on a daily basis. Beautiful yarn. A supportive husband (even if he did say before I left for Stitches West today “aren’t we coming *close* to capacity, honey?”, cute 8 year olds who want to donate 15 inches of their hair to locks for love, little boys whose eyes sparkle when they smile…

  7. Hi, Carole! Beautiful flowers! I’m your super-secret May Day sock pal. I have just the yarn and pattern all picked out and can’t wait to get started. Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. I’m always tempted at Costco by the $18.99 two dozen rose bouquets, but always talk myself out of buying them. I’ll give in one of these days.

  9. Since the post before shows Dale’s socks and this one the roses he gave you is the connectionyou… “Will knit for flowers”? I certain would.

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