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Eye Candy Friday


Mmm. Cream Puffs. Hope your weekend is sweet!

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  1. Carole. I can TASTE them. I can SMELL them! Gorgeous picture. I need to look up last year’s post – didn’t you give us the recipe last year? I can’t believe I don’t have it saved!

  2. That’s most definitely Eye Candy. Especially to us dieters. Looks like Valentine’s Day was nice and sweet. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. So much for that 20 pounds I dropped. I can *feel* myself inflating just from craving cream puffs! Couldn’t you post an art shot of carrot sticks???

  4. Hello Carole,

    I happened upon your blog and I love the socks you feature. Do you sell your socks to the public? I would love the opportunity to purchase them. Please let me know if you are interested. Thank you.

    Another Carole

  5. Mmm, cream puffs! Those look so fluffy and heavenly and delectable. I think a cup of coffee is in order!

  6. I swear to all that’s holy that I will be calling you when that picture is stuck in my brain at 2am and I have no cream puffs.


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