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Eye Candy Friday


Dale brought me a bouquet of roses last week to thank me for being such a great nurse during his time of need. Truth be told, I prefer tulips or daffodils or wildflowers. But roses sure are fun to photograph and I loved having them on my windowsill all week.

Have a terrific weekend everyone. And don’t forget to stop and smell the roses!

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  1. I love roses- unfortunately the bought ones never last very long despite my best efforts. I love to bring cut ones in from the garden when they haven’t been devoured by Japanese beetles. Have a super weekend!

  2. That Dale of yours is a prince, and not just because he’s singlehandedly supporting the florist industry. It sounds like he’s on the mend. Have a great weekend, both of you.

  3. lovely photo- lovely husband.
    good that you two appreciate each other.
    gives all of us hope for how it should be 😀

  4. Sigh. You two are so darned cute together. And I’m swooning over the roses. You’re both very lucky, Carole.

  5. Holy crap, Carole, I go away for a little while and come back to find out Dale got clocked by a flagpole…

    Told you role-playing is dangerous 😉

    I’m very, very happy to hear that the only thing that is now that particular shade of red is the lovely rose on your blog, rather than your poor darlin’s eye. Yikes!

    Good wishes to you both, sweetie.

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