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Eye Candy Friday


I wish I had a photo of what these Black Eyed Susans looked like 2 years ago when I planted them. They were limp and half dead but Dale brought them home to me and said the Supt. of Buildings & Grounds said I should plant them and not worry about how pathetic they looked. It took a couple of years but now I have a big ole patch of these orange flowers with the black centers and I love them. They are cheery and summery, that’s for sure.

Have a cheery and summery weekend!

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  1. Have a great weekend! My Black Eyed Susans have all died out. I had a few left but something ate them this summer. I’ll just enjoy pictures of yours! 🙂

  2. I love Black eyed Susans! Yours are lovely. Mine are squished because my dogs decided they were cooler to lie on than the ACRE of grass available to them. Sheesh. At least I have yours to look at.

  3. One of those special flowers that always makes people smile. So glad you gave the little guys a home where they could thrive!

  4. ha! i know you won’t believe me but i had a feeling that you would have a picture of black eyed susans today. i swear i didn’t look before i posted mine.

    great minds huh. (and i’m psychic clearly)

  5. Hi CaroleCaroleCoo! How are you? 🙂

    Cute story about getting the black eye susans. I picked up one near-dead BES plant at the building center in mid-June and plunked it in the ground before taking off for a two week vacation. The flowers that were on it are still there – looking nearly dead, but oh – I anticipate greatness from that plant over the next few years. I’m glad yours is doing so well and validating my optimism!

    I’m glad your visit with the dentist went so well. I’m in the same boat. It’s been oh, at LEAST 7 yrs since I’ve been to the dentist. At first I was just plain poor. Now it’s…. umm… worry that he’ll say “just pull ’em all and get dentures”. lol That might be extreme but oh, I dread going. Of all things, Emeline is bugging the heck out of me because at age 4 she believes having regular dental visits is important and she hasn’t been to the dentist yet. Because I’m a bad mother, surely.

    Take care and Love You! XOXOXOXOX

  6. Once again you have reminded me of my “back east” childhood. We used to pick bouquets of wild black eyed susans. Nice shot.

  7. I have a big patch of these, too! I only wish I could get my coneflowers to look like this. The bunnies in my yard like the coneflowers too much!

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