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Eye Candy Friday

I bet you thought I went off on vacation without saying goodbye. I would never do that, you know! There were server problems all day today with the blog and I couldn’t log in to post until now. My apologies. |

We now return to our regularly scheduled Eye Candy Friday . . .


Have you ever noticed that I never show you a photo of my entire garden but rather just close ups of the blooming flowers? That’s because my garden is full of weeds. You’d never know it from looking at these phlox blossoms, though. Well, except that I just told you. Whoops.

I’m off on vacation to Cape Cod for a week. Have fun without me and see you on the 18th!

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  1. Beautiful phlox (another flower that sounds like an STD!) Have a great vacay – you’ll be closer to Mr. than i will be next week – I’m sure you’ll sense his presence – it’s quite forceful!

  2. There you are!

    I’d been wondering what had happened. It’s a lovely photo, Carole. Ya know, I like to think a lot of us do that with garden photos.

    Have a safe and wonderful holiday.


  3. I have the same close-up strategy in my garden! I’d rather not see the forest for the trees, as the forest is a mess.

    Also, I loved your Dale interview.

  4. have a grand time on the cape 🙂

    love the phlox – mine aren’t blooming yet…and I’ll bet that your garden is just fine and you’re pulling our leg.

  5. have fun! my blog hasn’t been graced by any garden/flower pictures this year because between my wonky work schedule and the rain, it’s all gone to weeds. *sigh* makes me enjoy your eye candy even more 🙂

  6. Have a great time! I loved the interview! (you never mention though that what keeps mama happy can only help keep papa happy, for any number of reasons!). Also love the flashy pooly socks. Way cool. Have you read “Mayflower” by Nathanial Philbrick? I’m about half way through and find it fascinating, well written and readable (a lot given that I’m not a history fan). Folks walked everywhere around those parts (as one would expect), but it’s amazing to think that they’d want to go from Plymouth to Pawtucket, and off they’d go…

  7. I hope you’re having a great vacation! I’ve been doing a lot of flower close-ups too, not so much (usually) to cut out the weeds as because the shmancy camera does very nice outdoor close-ups.

  8. Opened up your blog for my morning read and forgot you were on vacation. Hope it’s a beautiful one!

  9. Hope you’re having a great time! My phlox is probably in full bloom and will be done by the time I return from Greece. Oh and btw my garden is full of weeds too!

  10. Hope you’re having a great time! My phlox is probably blooming and will be done by the time I return from Greece. Oh, and my garden is full of weeds too btw.

  11. Hope you’re having a good time. As for me, I bought an Electra cruiser yesterday. (Squee!) I *thought* I wanted a red & white Deluxe model, but when I got to the shop, they had a black Betty model on the floor. I think it was the pink flames that did me in. I ordered a faux leopard skin frame bag, and my friend, who has a small SUV, is going to take me back next Sunday to pick it up. It’s hard to wait, but the shop is about 60 miles from my house, and the bike won’t fit in the back of my little car. 🙁

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